Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheers to the freakin' weekend...

Or cheers to the freak of a person who thought the best way to kick off her weekend was to run her 14-mile long run after school. On the treadmill. 

I actually quite enjoyed it. Haven't run on the treadmill and watched TV for a long time. Also I had a few secrets up my sleeve for a great run.

SUGAR! In the form of cupcakes and jelly beans.

I made cupcakes for one of my geometry classes because they earned a certain class average on their first unit test last week, and I definitely indulged with them this afternoon. 

There is a chunk of cookie dough in the middle.
I also had some sport beans on the run because I really need to practice taking in fuel. I pretty much never eat/drink anything on runs 2 hours or less. Which is not good. Because I feel should probably have something during this half-marathon since I'm gunning for a PR and all. 

So I tried out the sport beans today. They were fine. I forgot my water bottle so I had to choke them down, but they sure tasted good. I think one pack will fit in my little shorts pocket just perfectly.

After my run, I rushed home because it's Friday night! I had a hot date with my Business Man. We ended up with dinner at Panera and then to the mall to use up some coupons. Because you always save money when you shop with coupons.

The post-run/didn't do anything to myself except wash the stink-off look.

Thanks to grandma for the free panty coupon at Vicky's. I only had to encounter one student's awkward stares as I walked through the mall with this bag.

And we might have also ended up at Dairy Queen. Who, me? Two desserts in one day? Ain't no thang. 

Pumpkin pie blizzard. The only blizzard I will eat with vanilla ice cream. Which meant we actually went to the Dairy Queen closest to our house (that doesn't serve chocolate ice cream).
Question: What do you take for long run fuel? Any long runs/races this weekend?


Chelsea Smith said...

I quite enjoy your blog Sara! :)
I admire your recipes, but haven't gotten around to making one yet!
I had to ask, why in the world does DQ not serve chocolate ice cream? So strange. I don't really like chocolate ice cream, but really? LOL.

Sara said...

@Chelsea - Thank you! I have no idea why they don't serve chocolate ice cream. It's at the one DQ here in Lima and I was practically dumbfounded the first time we went and there was no chocolate ice cream. Haha.

Jessica @ rerunrunning said...

Mmm... this was a good post for food... I want everything pictured! Cookie dough down in the middle of the cupcakes?! Wow, that is brilliant! I want that recipe... is it in your archives? I'm gonna have to stalk you some more... :)

14 miles on the tread?! You crazy (but awesome) girl. I guess when you get to watch tv that makes it a little better. Way to go, though!!!

I Love vs panties! Haha... I bet that would be so awkward to run into a student there! Yikes.

I often find myself still in running attire (or at least with unwashed running hair) on our HOT dates. And not ever pulling it off all cute like you do.

Alissa said...

I love GU energy gels for long runs, but I only eat the chocolate - yum-o. Potentially a little bit messy, but it is worth it in my opinion. I ran 13 outside this weekend. It was a glorious run. I ran through some construction and I am pretty sure I was not supposed to. The nice Korean construction worker was cheering me on right? (Or telling me to go a different way maybe)
I SO wish I could come to Beantown and share in your DQ experiences :)

Sara said...

@Jessica - I haven't blogged that recipe yet! I should soon. I need to get some good pics.

@Alissa - I do too! I have no one to use my BOGO coupons with! My silly husband is not an ice cream afficionado like myself.

Anonymous said...

This is Kristin T. but for some reason I can't use my google name. Anyway, Sara, I have to admit, I really enjoy your blog. It is super fun, and I like to hear about your life as a teacher, as well as keep up with your running! I wanted to respond because I have been thinking about running fuel a lot lately. I've gotten into trail runs over the last year, and since elevation gain makes any distance take so much longer, food has become a real issue. You need to take in between 100-200 cal/hour. It's really hard for me, because, like you, I almost never eat while running besides a pretzel or two. I have experimented with real food because its what I prefer (I used to carry baby food squeeze packets- super fun flavors), but then I realized that GU is so many more calories (1oo in a squeeze packet)with just the right combo of nutrients and no fiber. Can't really go wrong, although I stick to fruity during a race since chocolate tends to make my stomach churn. But my friend just recommended sunflower seeds to me, choc covered, and I am excited to try. 50k this weekend for me!

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