Monday, August 15, 2011

Whirlwind of a Weekend

Man, has this been a weekend or what! I have been road-tripping all across the Midwest, for a bachelorette party and visits with friends and family. I don't think I've sat down at a computer for over 3 days! Which is a good thing for sure.

I started off Friday morning by meeting up with my friend Michelle so we could drive down to Edwardsville, IL together. She and her twin (Jen, who is getting married in 12 days!) are starting grad school at SIUE next week. 

They were both moving all their stuff into their new apartments on Friday and happened to wear the same exact outfit! Without even talking to each other. It must be a twin thing or something...

Once we got them all moved in, we went for a run of course. That is one of the best things about running friends - when you're together you never have to worry about getting a run in. Some of our best memories are from runs during college, so we always have to catch up by going for a run. Talking while running is way better than talking while sitting. 

Later that night, more of our friends began to trickle into town. The reason for the gathering? Jen's bachelorette party the following night! The four of us (Jen, Michelle, Talen, myself) haven't all been together since... I can't even remember when. At least 6 months?!? It was so awesome to see each other!

Saturday night was the big Bachelorette Par-tay, and we headed into St. Louis. That was our 'place to go' during college; it was about an hour away. We stayed downtown and had lots of fun plans for the evening.

Our hotel. There's the Arch behind it!
View from the room!
We started off in the room with some chocolate-covered strawberries and got ourselves prettied up to go out to eat and jam at a dueling piano bar.

These were so easy to make! Melt chocolate chips, dip, and done. 
I won't go into too many details... but let's just say seven girls staying in one hotel room with just a king-size bed is a recipe for lots of fun.

Me and the beautiful bride-to-be. Isn't she hot stuff?!

The next day I headed to the next stop on my journey, Hillsboro, IL. Another one of my BFF's (Alissa - she blogs here!) from college just happened to be home from SOUTH KOREA! She and her husband are back in the States for 2 weeks between their school years and I am so glad I got to see them. I seriously hadn't seen Alissa since my wedding! I was so excited.

She ran cross country/track at Greenville, too, and we were both math ed majors. So we suffered through enjoyed countless hours of math homework and rigorous proofs, and we grappled with the complexities of teaching high school students.

Posing with our delicious cinnamon roll dough.
She also loves to bake (and doesn't have an oven in Korea!) so we made some delicious Cappuccino Cinnamon Rolls to enjoy for breakfast this morning. We realized that we always bake this exact recipe whenever we are together. (This was the third time!) 

They were the perfect post-run breakfast treat this morning! Of course we went for a run... friends who run together stay friends for life.

Recipe to come later this week!
We also had a lesson in food photography... heh. My advice - "Use natural light and take like 50,000 pictures. Hopefully 2 or 3 will turn out!"

After visiting with our college coach and his family for a bit (so great to catch up!), we made the 20-minute trek down to Greenville College to get coffee at our favorite coffee shop and buy new GC water bottles from the bookstore.

It was pretty much an epic fail because Jo's Java was closed for remodeling, as was the bookstore.

So we walked around campus and pretended we were students again. Not. We kinda decided that going to class and doing homework didn't sound like too much fun anymore. But we left some fun messages/notes for our former professors. Hope they don't think we're too crazy!

The math & science hall where we spend oodles and oodles of time.
Eventually, we had to say good-bye and I traveled north for the last part of my journey. I'm spending a couple days with my parents and their sweet lil' pup before I head back to the Bean Town to start off the school year with a bang! 


Here's my weekly run-down for last week! It was a great week of training. I ended up swapping out my 5-mile tempo for a 3 x 1-mile V02 max work-out. I will get that tempo in this week!

I ended up with a 2-a-day on Friday because who could ever turn down a run with your BFF's? No way!

Weekly Rundown (August 8-14, 2011)
Goals: 45-50 miles, 5-mile tempo, 11-12 mile long run

Monday: 12 miles LR (1:39:00; 8:14 avg)
Tuesday: 7.5 miles (59:45; 7:57 avg)
Wednesday: 6.3 miles (53:00; 8:24 avg)
Thursday: V02 max mile repeats - 3 x 1-mile with 0.5 mile jog between
                      (6:20, 6:23, 6:28); 7.9 miles total with warm-up & cool-down
Friday: am - 6.3 miles (50:00; 7:57 avg)
                pm - 6 miles (48:10; 8:01 avg)
Saturday: 4 miles (34:00; 8:30 avg)
Sunday: Off
Total: 50 miles

Goals for next week:
  • 40-45 miles
  • 5-mile tempo (<-- it will happen this week!)
  • 10-12 mile long run
And I'm running a cross country race Thursday evening, too! Should be a fun week!


MaryRehm31 said...

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! I love that you went to St. Louis, my hometown!! Bachlorette parties downtown St. Louis are always so much fun, I just had mine in February. :) Hope you had fun!

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