Sunday, August 7, 2011

Square Fair 5km & Weekly Rundown

Yesterday was quite the adventurous day here in the Bean Town. It was all about the Square Fair! 

The Square Fair is an event that takes place for a weekend every August. Some streets downtown are blocked off, and the streets are filled with food vendors, arts & crafts booths, entertainment, and other fun events.

One of those events being the Square Fair 5km!

My 'pre-race' shot, courtesy of my Business Man. And yes, we started off running down that One Way street.
So of course I ran. The turn-out for this race was small (167) compared to the Freedom 5km on July 4 (1000+). I'm not really sure why, because it was a great race!

It started downtown, winded through some city/neighborhood streets (almost right past our house!), and then finished up on the River Walk trail. My goal for this race was to break 20:00. (Which I haven't done since college... yikes!)

There's me at the start of the race! Love my black Nike tempos!

Here's how it broke down:
  • Mile 1--6:10 
At this point, I freaked out just a bit. I knew I needed to start out fast, but didn't intend to start that fast! I was getting tired.
  • Mile 2--6:37
Yea, that was from the freaking out. I thought for sure I couldn't hold the pace, so I needed to slow down. So I did. Probably didn't need so slow down so much. Sigh.
  • Mile 3.1--7:07 (6:24-pace) 
That's more like it! I felt pretty strong that last mile, and was happy to at least negative split from mile 2 to mile 3.

Finish Time--19:54 (!)

Yes, I let a high school kid beat me at the very end. At least it wasn't one of my own students.

I was so happy with my final time! I haven't seen a number in the 19's in ages. Now I just want to run more and more 5ks and try to beat my pr of 19:08. Perhaps I'll run a few more on my way to my halves this fall.

Finish line.

Another bonus? Since the race was so small, I also took 1st female overall! What a perfect day.

That was not the trophy I took home. It was huge! The male & female winners get their names engraved on it, and it sits somewhere in public on display. Not really sure where though...

I even got to be interviewed by the local newspaper! That was so exciting. The article can be found here, if you're interested.

Me talking to Mr. Newspaper Man. That was fun. :)

Anyways, after I ran home (cool-down) and cleaned up, my Business Man and I headed back downtown to check out the rest of what the Square Fair had to offer.

We checked out the arts & crafts booths and watched some dance performances. I saw a couple of my students perform, which reminds me that school starts in just 17 days!

I tried to my convince my Business Man to get a Henna tattoo of my name, but he wouldn't go for it.

I found a new fountain that I didn't remember seeing before.

And we got some kettle corn. That stuff is good.

It was fun, but not too exciting. I think next year we need to come down at night when the bands are playing. Lots more to do and people to see. But all in all, Square Fair = success!


I realized I never did a Weekly Rundown last week since we were in Wisconsin! So I'll do 2 weeks worth tonight. Heh. I'll be updating my Race Training page as well.

Weekly Rundown (July 25-31, 2011)
Goals: 45 miles, 4-mile tempo, 10-mile long run

Monday: 7.6 miles (60:04; 7:55 avg)
Tuesday: 4-mile tempo (6:45 avg); 7.1 miles total with warm-up & cool-down
Wednesday: 6.2 miles, hills (51:15; 8:15 avg)
Thursday: 5.3 miles (44:16; 8:21 avg)
Friday: 10-mile long run (1:22:00, 8:12 avg)
Saturday: 6.1 miles (51:00; 8:22 avg)
Sunday: Off
Total: 42.3 miles

Weekly Rundown (August 1-7, 2011)
Goals: 45 miles, 4-mile tempo, 10-mile long run

Monday: 6.1 miles (50:00; 8:12 avg)
Tuesday: 6.3 miles (51:25; 8:09 avg)
Wednesday: 4 miles (30:40; 7:40 avg)
Thursday: 10.3-mile long run (1:21:52; 7:54 avg)
Friday: 5.3 miles shake-out, plus strides (42:26; 8:00 avg)
Saturday: Square Fair 5km! (19:54, 6:25 avg); 7.9 miles total with warm-up & cool-down
Sunday: 5.4 miles (42:55; 7:55 avg)
Total: 45.3 miles

I'm definitely satisfied with this past week!

Goals for next week:
  • 45-50 miles
  • 5-mile tempo @ 6:50-7:00 pace (<-- a lil' scared of this one)
  • 11-12 mile long run

Hope everyone's weekend was great! Ours sure was. I'm actually heading into school a couple of days this week to get some work done... can't believe the summer is almost over!


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