Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home, sweet home

Hey guys! It feels so good to be back! After our jaunt to Wisconsin, I headed off to a 3-day staff retreat for my high school to get geared up for the new school year. (Down to just 20 days until the first day of school... ahhh!) Unfortunately, the internet service at the state park we were retreating at was a bit sub-par, so I had no blogging opportunities. Oh wells. :)

Let's pick up and recap the last few days of vacay!

On Saturday morning, we headed down to the dock where my Business Man and I got engaged 2 years ago. 

Cheesy lovey-dovey pictures were a must.
In addition to reminiscing our sweet engagement, we were there for another reason - a sail boat ride

I'd never been sailing and didn't quite know what to expect, but I loved it! We went out for about 2 hours on a small sailboat (called Scuppers!) with a guide and another couple.

It was the most beautiful day - about 75*F and sunny. The breeze coming up off the lake was wonderful.

I could have stayed out on the water all day.

At one point, the sail had to switch over to the other side, and my mom was quite leery of being knocked off the boat.


Another big highlight was climbing the Eagle Tower. We probably climb it each time we visit, but it gives a gorgeous view!

It's only 75 feet tall, but seems so much taller when you're climbing it. My quads were so sore. Probably due to the biking earlier that day as well. [Side note: We went on a 12-mile bike ride 'for fun' earlier that morning. My Business Man and I had to use the bikes provided by the place we were staying, which were not of the best quality. Combine that with a grumpy Sara and you get a not-so-pleasant bike rider. How is it that I can looove to go run 12 miles but haaate to ride a bike 12 miles? Makes no sense.]

Tall tower.
Anyways, we made it to the top pretty easily.

And looked at the beautiful sky. We climbed just after sunset, and it was bee-yoo-ti-ful.

My mom was a bit freaked out, but she's scared of heights. So it makes sense.

To reward our strenuous climb, we went for ice cream. Duh.

At Wilson's... only the best ice cream place in all of Door County. You have to take a number and wait for them to call your number to order. It's mass chaos.

I avoided taking any pictures inside because it's wall-to-wall people. I didn't want to freak anybody out.

Why I chose to do a self-portrait when there were 3 willing photographers with me I do not know. I had chocolate peanut butter explosion which is only the best flavor of ice cream. Ever.

Sadly, we had to leave early Monday morning so I could get back for my staff retreat.

But not before enjoying one last Door County breakfast.

Fresh raspberries and a Door County cherry cake donut! So delicious.
And loading up on cherry goodies.

Cherry nut mix - great for salads (and snacking)
Tart dried cherries - great for oatmeal cookies, scones, and regular oatmeal

Pumpkin butter, cherry rhubarb jam, cherry poppyseed dressing, cherry salsa, and raspberry salsa.

I've got big plans for today... school supply shopping! I love that I have a job that still allows me to enjoy the "back-to-school" sales. :)


Have Your Way said...

That cherry cake donut looks amazing!!!

whoo for school supply shopping!! Im hoping someday soon I will get to do that for my classroom!!

you and your hubby are SOO cute!!

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