Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Ole' Allen County Fair

And parade. Oh, yes, it has been a day full of celebrating the lifestyle of the Midwest.

Emma is such a good dish washer.
Oh, and we had visitors arrive last night! I now have a little helper in the kitchen doing dishes. (My Business Man's family is visiting... his mom & dad and his two little sisters Sarah Beth & Emma.)

We've been fortunate because there's actually a lot going on in the Bean Town this weekend. Yesterday kicked off the first day of the Allen County Fair, and today there was a parade downtown to celebrate.

My parade buddy.
We'd never been to a parade in the Bean Town and didn't know quite what to expect. There was lots of interesting things to see.

We waved hello to Ronald McDonald. Unfortunately he was not handing out fries or McFlurries. Boo.

We saw the policemen & women on their horses. Emma commented that it was a bit smelly. I didn't disagree.

We cheered on the Lima Senior High marching band!! I tried to catch the eye of a few of my students but didn't want to distract them too much while they marched.

There were lots of cars with various types of royalty sitting on the back and waving... such as the Poultry Queen, Pork Princess, Rabbit King, Goat Queen. Not really sure what that was all about - the 4H competition at the fair maybe? It was rather humorous. 

And we saw a super-cute puppy. What's not to love?

We were actually pretty impressed with the parade... it was an hour and twenty minutes long! And Emma came home with a whole sack-ful of candy. Too bad they didn't hand out Dove chocolates or Reese's... just Tootsie Rolls & Dum-dums.

After resting up a few hours, we headed out to the Allen County Fair to check it out.

Sarah Beth & Emma got armbands so they could do unlimited rides all afternoon. My Business Man and I chose to forgo the armbands for fear of throwing up all afternoon. Spinning rides = not a good choice.

Somehow they got their mom & dad to ride 1001 Nachts... it was super-fun to watch from the ground. ;-)


Captured while they were at the top of the ride!

After watching for awhile, my Business Man & I roamed the fair for a bit. It wasn't too long before we needed sustenance. We decided on some homemade chocolate ice cream.

Who woulda thunk... we chose to get ice cream?

We ended up running into our good friends Amber & John - so spent a while catching up in the Republican booth where they were volunteering. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic.

After meeting back up with my Business Man's fam, we checked out the livestock buildings

We saw some cute little bunnies. I sort of wanted to take one home. But really I'd rather have a puppy.

And some sheep. Sarah Beth photo-bombed me on this one.

These guys were prepared for winter in their Under Armor. Too bad it was like 87*F today. They might have been roasting a bit.

After the livestock buildings, we made our way home. And went out for Thai food. Yum. 

I'll be back tomorrow for my weekly running recap! And to tell about my cross country race Thursday... fun fun.


Oh, and a side-note - I noticed that the past couple weeks I hadn't been receiving any comments. Which was a bit odd. Then I realized that I changed the settings so there would be a different format for the comments... which was not allowing people to comment. So I am sorry! Commenting should work fine now! Heh... I can be a bit silly sometimes.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Yeah for commenting up and running!
This looks like such a fun day--I have never seen a parade that was that long, crazy!

SbMac said...

Hey shout out from one Sarah Beth to another!! Don't hear that name too often! Looked like a fun day at the fair!

seha97 said...

I would hate to put the goats in that Under Armour :)

Mary Stepleton said...

The Under Armor is the keep the sheep clean after they were sheared. The 4-H-ers want their sheep sparkling clean for judging.

I LOVE your blog!! I look forward to ready about your adventures in "Bean Town".

Talen said...

Haha, Big Red would have been in heaven watching those sheep!

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