Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Confessions, edition #2

1. School officially starts two weeks from tomorrow. And all-of-a-sudden it seems like I have 9208720137 things to get done, and not nearly enough time to do it all. But it's fun.

2. I am just loving the beautiful weather we are having this week. So much so that I've run almost 20 miles in the last two days. This never happens. 12 yesterday - that was my long run. 7.5 this morning, because running is fun. 

3. Due to confession #1 (see above), our house has exploded into a ginormous craft/math-related workroom. I'm not sure my Business Man loves it too much, but in two weeks it'll all be in my classroom. At least that's the plan.

Flashcards galore. 
I got these napkins on super-clearance at Meijer. I'm thinking they will make for a cute bulletin board background? I'm hopin' so!

4. I had great intentions of making this coffee cake today and blogging about it. Well, I started making it, but didn't realize that it takes like 20 hours total in rising time. So I will blog about it. Some day. Just not today. It's currently in the fridge, rising for 4 more hours before I can shape the dough.

Tomorrow this will be turned into a coffee cake. Promise.
5. I received a food processor as a wedding gift. My wedding was over 13 months ago. I finally got out the food processor Sunday night. FOR THE FIRST TIME! I don't know what I was thinking, because that thing is awesome. I foresee lots of homemade nut butters, hummus, and pesto coming out of it in the near future.

6. One of my BFF's, Jen, is getting married soon. Very soon! Her bachelorette party is this weekend and I am oh-so-excited to see all my girly friends from college. It has been too long.

Yes we are a weird bunch of people.

7. And I also get to see one of my BFF's Alissa who is visiting home from South Korea this weekend! It's like a double-scoop weekend.

Back in the glory days of college. This was our last cross country meet EVER! Alissa didn't get the memo to make a weird sad face in the picture.  

8. Speaking of double-scoops, I think my 20 miles in the past two days warrants a trip to Pete's ice cream tonight. Although we would probably still go if I sat on my butt for the past two days. At least I have more evidence to back-up why we should go when I present the option to my Business Man when he gets home.

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