Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh, running

I haven't talked much about running in awhile. I've been out there, putting miles in, just not been talking about it. 

Oh the sweet naivety I had before the marathon... I didn't have a clue what was coming. Ha!

I mentioned that I found a running group here in the Bean Town, which has been so great! Although the 5:15am wake-up call is not so much fun. Especially when it is still 76*F with 95% humidity that early in the morning. But I guess it's better than the 110*F heat index by the afternoon/evening.

Oh how I hated the cold back in February, but what I would give for a run in tights right now!
It will be good once school starts up again (just one month away)! Because I will have my runs done before school - which is something I never used to do. 

A lot of the people I have been running with are starting to train for the Columbus Marathon, on October 16. For about 24 hours I was convinced I was gonna run it, too. I'd have people to do all my long runs with! It would be fun! (So I told myself.)

After some deliberation and talking it over with a few people, I decided that I'm not quite ready for another full marathon. I know I want to run another one someday but just not yet. So I have decided to run the Columbus Half Marathon. It is held in conjunction with the full on October 16, 2011. Just about 12 weeks away!

I'd like to focus on speed this time around and break my PR of 1:35:55 from the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon last November. Totally do-able! (I hope...)

I don't have an 'official' training plan. I'd like to hit around 45-50 miles a week, with a cut-back week every fourth week. I'll build my long runs up to 15 miles. (hopefully!) It shouldn't be too difficult; I already ran an 11-miler last week, so I don't have too much farther to go.

I also want to focus on getting either a tempo run or VO2 max workout each week. (Maybe even both!) I've actually run tempo runs the last 4 weeks, which is so surprising. I used to dread/hate tempo runs but they're not so bad now. I'd like to get up to 6 miles at tempo pace, which for me is about 6:50-7:00/mile. (I did 4.5 miles this week... on the treadmill. This humidity is killing me!)

If all goes well, I'll run the Columbus Half on October 16, take it easy for a week and perhaps run the Indianapolis Monumental Half again on November 5. I loved it so much last year, and with three weeks between, I think it will be totally do-able.

I will be tracking my training, on my new Race Training page, if you wanna follow along!

And now... I'm off to play with my new toy which arrived in the mail this week. :)

What flavor should I make first? 


Alissa said...

Having your run done before school is great! I love it! I am going to do it until it gets too cold and/or dark.

Are you using a training plan for your half? I have told myself that I am going to run a half in late fall. I am not sure if it will happen or not. I want to find a good plan.

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