Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

Today is my sweet dad's birthday! 

Walking me down the aisle! Just about exactly one year ago...

I am thankful to my father for many things...

For instilling in me a love of exercise.

My dad even used to be a runner! He and my mom ran lots of road races together before I came along.

For giving me an appreciation for old homes.

And the beautiful hardwood floors that come with.

For dedicating hundreds of hours this summer to help make our house into a home.

Thank you for taking care of this nasti-ness. Yuck!

For supporting me in all that I do.

At, oh, about 5:30am the morning of my marathon. Which was really 4:30am central time. He's a trooper!

For the gene that makes us COLD! All the time!! 

We are always cold!

For teaching me to work hard for my goals and never give up.

For knowing when to have a little fun.

And for being a co-conspirator when teasing my mom. (Just kidding! Love ya mom!)

Miss you, Dad... wish I could be there to celebrate and bake your favorite treat!

Happy Birthday!


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