Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting our Grill On

Exciting times are a'happening here in the Bean Town. Summer is in full swing, and with it the heat and humidity have arrived. So we did what most normal people would do when it's 91*F with 91% humidity - buy a new patio set so that we can spend more time outside! :-P

Not that we didn't like our old patio set; it just wasn't all that practical for entertaining. (The old one is still hanging out in the garage for those times when we have lots of people over.)

Pretty! And very comfortable, if I do say so myself. New blogging station? There's even an outlet!

And we finally upgraded from this guy:

Cute baby grill!

To this guy!

Grown-up manly man grill!

And of course we had to christen our new grill with our dinner selection tonight... Mango Mahi Mahi Tacos.

There's really not a recipe for these tacos, but we looove them. You have to live near a Meijer, though. We use their pre-marinated mango mahi mahi, then top it with their delicious mango-peach salsa.

I think I could drink this stuff. It's not unlike my Business Man and myself to polish off a whole jar in one sitting. We showed restraint today and only used half.

You could be all fancy and make your own mango marinade and mango salsa, but in the words of my students "That's doin' too much. That's just too much."

A quick trip on the grill for the fish, dice up the mango, get the toppings out of the fridge and dinner's ready!

Here's the break-down:

And yes, I finally figured out how to add text to my pictures. After blogging for over a year. 
Of course, we dined al fresco (despite the hot & humid conditions). My Business Man just loves eating outside when it's like this outside. ;-)

And that's it! We're off to find some ice cream, methinks. Perfect for this July night.


Blane181 said...

Mmm, this looks yummy!

I just discovered the deliciousness of Pineapple Peach Salsa from Archer Farms. I think Peach Salsa and I have a future together!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Yum! This looks amazing. That store isn't near me though, but I guess I could do the extra work for a really special meal. Love your new patio and grill!

Paige (Running Around Normal) said...

I love your patio area!

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