Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom 5km, peanut butter stuffed hot fudge cupcakes, and fireworks = the perfect 4th of July

Ahhh... finally back a sense of normalcy around here.

Yes, cupcakes = normalcy in this household.
I never mentioned it, but the day we got back from Disney, my parents came into town to help us finish up the last few major projects on the house. It has been a jam-packed holiday weekend, complete even with a 5km race.

Yea... this definitely had to go.
My parents here meant that my favorite furry friend got to visit as well.

I'll get more into the house details later this week, because we've still got a couple rooms to put back together so I can snap some pics. (Gotta wait for that varnish on the floors to dry!) 

So let's talk about the 4th of July instead!

The Bean Town makes a big deal of Independence Day. Last year, my Business Man and I weren't here for the 4th (we were on our honeymoon), so we didn't really know what all was going to be happening.

The morning started off with the Freedom 5km in the park, literally 0.4 miles from our house. I ran, my mom walked, and my Business Man, Dad, and Maggie cheered us on.

Since I've built my mileage back up, I've been trying doing a tempo run every week. (Most weeks.) Based on my tempos, I made a goal to break 21:00 in the 5km. (I've run under 20:00 lots in the past, but that was during college, when I was doing speed workouts 2-3 times a week. That's not really the case now.)

I ended up finishing in 20:11 20:05 (updated as the results were just put online), so I was ecstatic! I was also second female overall.

We forgot to bring the camera to the race, so these are all at-home, post-race shots.
Here's my splits: (for you numbers people out there)

Mile 1: 6:30
Mile 2: 6:17
Mile 3: 6:36
Last 0.1: 0:42 --> the finish was uphill!

It took me awhile to really get settled into the race, which was weird. The first mile was probably the hardest! Which is never the case. I slowed down a bit in the last mile, but that's usually to be expected. But I had a lot of fun and ended up with a $20 Dick's Sporting Goods gift certificate! 

Mom & I after the race... she did great too!
After the race, we spent some time cleaning up the house, and I got to spend the afternoon making cupcakes for a cook-out later that evening. Best afternoon ever!

And they were SO. GOOD. I mean probably top 3 favorite cupcakes of all time. (And I've made a lot of cupcakes.) 

The chocolate cake was so moist, and stuffed with peanut butter buttercream. And then topped with more peanut butter buttercream, and drizzled with a homemade dark cocoa hot fudge sauce. 

The hot fudge sauce alone was magical.

I did not make any changes to the recipe whatsoever, so please visit here if you would like the recipe.

After the cook-out, some friends came back to our house to walk down to the fireworks in the park. It was pretty chaotic. People were everywhere. Kids were screaming. I almost got run over by a policeman on a horse.

So many cars everywhere!
But, we made our way down safely and found a nice little spot on the baseball field to lay out a blanket and watch the fireworks.

Getting ready to watch the fireworks.

It was a lovely night, spent with lovely friends and family! 

Courtesy of my Business Man.
And today, I am fighting the sleep monster! I already slept in until 8:15am (usual wake-up time 6-6:30am) and am wanting a nap this afternoon. Pretty sure I'll be taking one, too. I can always do laundry and dishes tomorrow...


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