Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I'm Lovin', round #2

I did this once back in February, so here goes!

Reasons Why I'm Happy Today

1. The wonderful invention of skype. I got to talk with one of my BFF's who currently lives in South Korea (go read about her life here) this morning! For a glorious 52 minutes and we even got to see each other. It was practically like sitting in the same room. I even gave her a tour of our new house.

2. My mom gave me her Kindle. Okay, she didn't give it to me. She's letting me borrow it for our trip to Disney. (We leave Saturday!) It will be so nice to read on the plane without lugging around actual books. Let's just see if I can figure out how to work it before then. I wonder how many books I could charge to her account without her realizing?

3. This week is SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS at my local grocery store. Usually they only double coupons up to $0.50. This week they double coupons up to $1.00! This means I got $58 of groceries for just $34, a 41.3% savings!

Free iced tea!
Love those sweet potato fries! And those smoothies,too...  so good, but they're usually $3+! Not so today.

Pepsi products happened to be on sale 4/$10. What a deal!

Can never have too many brownie mixes. Excited for those Hawaiian buns; must make more chicken salad! And pretzels will be good snacks for our travels.

A bit of produce to get us through til Saturday. Sadly no coupons for this.

4. Great Harvest Bread Company. Ever heard of 'em? My mom and I first discovered this bakery when I was 16 or 17. They make the best bread ever! There are none near the Bean Town, but when I was home this week, we stopped a few times. 

I got a loaf of Cranberry Apple Flax.

Toasted with almond butter & honey.
I also got one of their ginormous brownies, and was gonna snap a pic until I discovered my sweet Business Man finished it off for breakfast. Whoops.

5. The invention of morning radio talk shows. This might sound sort of pathetic, but listening to talk shows when I run in the morning makes me feel like I'm running with people. Although they never quite laugh at my jokes... but at least I can laugh at theirs?

This is still way better though.
6. Sprinkles! Yes, sprinkles. Don't they just make your heart smile?

I made these funfetti cupcakes from How Sweet It Is, and they were fabulous. Just like everything else on her website.

7. And, of course, Disney World! We are traveling to Disney World soon. I am so excited, like a kid in a candy shop. Actually, I have plans to go to Goofy's Candy Company while we're there. You get to design your own chocolate-covered pretzels/apples/rice krispy treats! 

What else should we do while we're there? Besides run around and act like crazy kids. We're up for suggestions!

And these, my friends, are the reasons I'm lovin' today. What do you love about today?


Alissa said...

I was so happy that we got to Skype and that my internet was not janky. And you know what the word janky means and I can talk as fast I want when I talk to you. Your house is awesome!! I hope I get to sit on the couch there (in real life and not via Internet) and chat with you sometime. Have fun in Disney!

aevansb said...

Oooh! Have Fun in Disney! Check out "Soarin'" in Epcot. Can't wait to read about your trip to Florida.

Running Girl said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time on your trip. I love Disney World. If you like water parks, definitely check out the Disney ones- soooo fun! :-)

Sara said...

@Adam-- we are excited to do Soarin'... it's definitely on the list.

@Running Girl-- we don't have tickets to the water parks. :( But! We do have a "business" dinner at Typhoon Lagoon one evening, and I think we get to swim?! Hopefully!

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