Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Savannah Foody Tour

Hi friends!! I'm back from the beach!

It was wonderful and relaxing and fun. I wish I was still doing this:

But I'm not. I am finishing up the last few days of school instead.

We stayed on a really neat island, Daufuskie Island. I will tell you more about that later.

Because, today I want to talk about the Savannah Foody Tour while it is fresh in my brain! The majority of our group left early Tuesday morning, and our flight didn't depart Savannah until 6:26pm, so we had all day to play.

We decided to do a walking Foody Tour, to get a taste of all the best restaurants in Savannah. (And to learn some history, yada yada.) It was like my dream come true. ;-)

We stopped at seven places, including Paula Deen's restaurant. (more on that in a bit)

Our first stop was Angel's BBQ. It was a little po-dunk place that you would miss if you didn't know it was there.

They smoke all their meat in-house, and all dishes are prepared from scratch. They have at least 6 different homemade sauces each day.

We got to sample the pulled pork. Yum!

I sampled a little bite with a few of the sauces, and the Memphis Sweet was my favorite. What can I say? I am a sweets-lover. The pork was so tender and juicy. My Business Man and I both stated that we wished we could have had a whole sandwich. (But I'm glad we didn't, or our bellies would have been screaming at us later.)

Stop #2 was Harris Baking Company.

Man, oh man, was this my type of restaurant. (If you can have a "type" of restaurant?) Paninis, sandwiches, salads... all the bread prepared in-house from scratch. And the pastries. Oh, the pastries.

We got to sample a cinnamon roll and a blueberry pastry. And by 'sample', I mean we got a half of each. And these were no small delicacies.

My favorite of the two was the blueberry pastry. It makes me want to learn how to work with pastry dough! I know it involves lots of butter and rolling out thin layers of dough. Perhaps pastry-making will become my summer hobby?

After wiping the crumbs off our mouths, we headed to stop #3, Lowcountry Gourmet Foods, a specialty olive oil and balsamic vinegar store.

We sampled lots of flavored vinegars, including pomegranate, blueberry, peach, honey ginger, and I can't quite remember what else. The fruity ones would make such good salad dressings! (No worries, I came home with a few small bottles.)

Having a little too much fun!

Also, we got to try a few flavors of olive oils, including garlic-infused, basil-infused, and chipotle. Yum! There was also a bread dip seasoning mix that you combine with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (I might have purchased a few of those, as well.)

This was a good stop because it didn't fill us up! (I was beginning to get full by now, which was bad news, considering we were only on stop 3 of 7.)

We motored on over to stop #4, which was none other than Paula Deen's the Lady & Sons Restaurant.

Now, just a sidenote. We had talked about going here with our big group (10 people) one night for dinner. After deciding it would be too much of a hassle to get everyone together and possible have to wait super-long, we decided to just stay on the island and relax. It was a good choice.

The most popular feature of Paula's restaurant is probably the buffet. This is it.

Exciting, huh?
We got to choose one food item off the buffet and fill up our little cup. My Business Man and I were strategic. I chose fried chicken, and he chose mac & cheese.

The mac & cheese was downright gross. I did not like it at all. So much so that I did not even get a picture.

The fried chicken was good. But I couldn't tell if it was any better than KFC. But maybe that's because I only eat fried chicken about 3 times a year? How could fried chicken not be good?

So, there ya have it. The Lady & Sons is not all it's cracked up to be. It was by far my least favorite stop on the tour.

Our next stop was dessert, round 2. We went to the Goose Feathers Cafe to sample their world famous Southern bread pudding. I have not been a huge fan of bread pudding in the past, but I pushed all my pre-existing notions aside to try this.

It was made with homemade croissants and french bread, scattered with dried fruit. The top was glazed with apricot jam, which created a sweet, almost crunchy crust. 

I loved it! It was sweet, but not too heavy. I think you can even order it by mail during the months of November and December! A definite must-try for dessert if you ever visit Savannah.

Our next stop was Cafe City Market. This was my favorite non-sweet stop. I wished we would have gone here first when I had more room in my belly.

We were served a shrimp & grits dish, with greens on the side. Now, I've never had grits before, and have always thought "ewwww!" But these were so good! The sauce was sweet and smoky, and complimented the shrimp and grits perfectly. The greens on the side were delicious and fresh, with just the right amount of seasoning. Loved this stop!

It was really dark in there!
Then we were on to our last stop, which was dessert round 3. The Wright Square Cafe & Chocolatier

They have a chocolate chef whose job is to make chocolates solely for their cafe. And he's only 21 years old! (According to our source of information.) What a fun job.

The chocolate case.
We got to learn all about the different types of chocolates they sell and how they are made. They had a Beehive chocolate (Savannah is famous for their honey), and even a Bacon Truffle! The owner made up a little bag for each of us to take with us, containing a bittersweet truffle, a key lime truffle, and a chocolate-covered pretzel. (Sadly, no bacon truffle... and we didn't buy one either.) 

I only ate one and brought the rest home. (Such self-restraint! Ha!)

And then the tour was over. Sad face.

But not really. Because I had one more stop we had to make. Even though my Business Man was quite concerned that I could have room in my belly for dessert round 4.

But I always have room for ice cream. We couldn't go to Savannah and not go to Leopold's Ice Cream! Founded in 1919, they still make all their ice cream on-site in individual batches.

I had a single scoop of the chocolate raspberry. I probably should have ordered a kiddie-scoop, but you only live once, right?

And it was my favorite spot of the day. I just love ice cream. And vacations. And my Business Man.

And, that my friends, is how we toured Savannah. On foot, bite by bite. It was a blast! I definitely recommend a foody tour if you head to a new city. A great way to explore, especially if you don't really know what you're doing or where you're going. (Aka me.)

Stay tuned for another post about Daufuskie Island and fun happenings there!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What an awesome tour! I'm going to Savannah in about 6 weeks with hubs and my mother-in-law and I would LOVE to do this! Do you mind letting me know what the company/tour group was called? Thanks so much!!

Sara said...

Yes! It was so much fun. The company is called "Savannah Movie Tours", here is the link to their website: . They also do a foody tour by bus and a couple of movie tours. I would do the walking one, because then you at least are moving around while eating everything! Hope you enjoy!

aevansb said...

Wow, this sounds like a blast! I wish we could've come along. Six hours into our drive home I couldn't help but think how you guys hadn't even left yet! Jealous.

SbMac said...

A foody tour sounds awesome! I will have to check that out next time I go on vacation! Whenever that is!!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Thanks Sara! I'll be checking out their website---I can't wait to do this!

Running Girl said...

That sounds like a fabulous tour! And, gotta love a vacation that involves sunshine, the pool, & great food. :-)

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