Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life's a Beach!

So, let's rewind a bit... back before this weekend, even back before the Foody Tour of Savannah.

Last Friday, my Business Man and I took off for a beachy vacation with some of his friends (now mine, too!) from college. One of his friend's family owns a house on Daufuskie Island, and it was open to the 10 of us for the long weekend. 

The cool thing about Daufuskie Island? No cars! You take a ferry over, and leave your car on the mainland. Once you get there, everyone gets around on golf carts. It's so cute!

We spent a lot of time laying out at the pool. And reading our favorite books and magazines. I finally finished my book club book from April. (Better late than never?)

My Business Man's choice of reading material. 
One night, the group ventured over to the mainland to do some shopping and go out to eat. We ended up at Steamer's Seafood

I was excited for seafood. And corn fritters. They were the best.

My Business Man ordered the Fried Seafood Frenzy platter. Was it worth the $28? You'll have to ask him... although I did snatch up a few fried shrimp and corn fritters.

Catherine lucked out with the best deal of the night... kids' meal chicken strips which came on a frisbee for a plate. And she got to keep the frisbee!

I was also introduced to Rita's Italian Ice. Very tasty! I didn't think I would like slushy mixed with custard, but it was delicious. 

We got to take ferry back as the sun set that night. It was pretty.

Friends on the ferry!

Scarfing a cupcake on the ferry... totally normal,  I know.
One of the mornings we played an invigorating game of croquet on the island.

And by we, I mean everyone else played while I watched on the side. It was hot and I wanted to stay in the shade.

One afternoon, we took our golf carts over to the "other side" of the island. You see, the side of the island where we stayed was pretty ritzy... beautiful beach houses, luggage delivered to your door, awesome pool, a visitor's center/house with free coffee and muffins. The list could go on and on.

Things got a little crazy between the two golf carts. That's all I can say.
The other side of the island isn't quite like the side we stayed on. Think... redneck?

If you look closely, you can see an old painted school bus behind the bushes. Why?!
But, the other side of the island is where the nice sandy beach is.

Definitely worth the 20-minute golf cart ride.
On our last night on the island, we staked out a pavilion that had a grill. (The grill at our house wasn't working properly.) The pavilion was conveniently located near a pond-ish body of water. 

Scoping out gators/trying to catch fish.
Hey lil' guy!
Dustin was super-happy with his catch!
So, we had sent the guys over early to the pavilion to get the grills started. Somehow, by the time the ladies got there with the food, the grill had run out of propane.

So the guys improvised and created an impromptu grill in the fireplace.

Not quite sure it was the most sanitary or safe grill... but it got the meat cooked! And then we were able to have s'mores after without any problems.

While the guys attempted to figure out the grill situation, the ladies got down with some sangria.

Never had sangria before, but it was delicious! Great time with great friends.

We were so sad to see the weekend end... but back to reality! Just wish I could ride on a ferry to work here in the Bean Town!

Enjoying coffee on the ferry on the last morning.


Talen said...

Remember when Rachel from "Friends" drank too much sangria in college and made out with another woman and their coconut bras kept knocking together...I hope you didn't do any of that. Ben would get jealous!

Alissa said...

Your hair is SUPER cute! I love it! So cute!

aevansb said...

So glad you had your camera with you to capture moments no one else caught. Great post.

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