Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Weeks of Bad Decisions

In college, at the end of each season (cross country or track), we would take two weeks off totally... no running! No competing, no practice, no lifting, nada. Two weeks to laze around and sit on your tush. It was good to give your legs a rest, and it was really good to get a mental break as well.

During those two weeks, the team would often get together and do things we usually weren't "supposed" to do. Including but not limited to the following: 
  • staying up super-late
  • eating lots of junk food (hello, cafeteria french fries! and buffalo popcorn chicken... oh man I miss that stuff)
  • drinking lots of soda
  • playing other sports (volleyball, basketball, even boxing... I never partook in the boxing fun, but enjoyed being a spectator!)
  • climbing on roofs of dorm buildings, perhaps
Hence, the name, "Two Weeks of Bad Decisions." Fitting, no?

See the craziness that ensued?
Anyways, it was always a lot of fun. It was good to have a couple weeks of "freedom" after working hard all season. And, by the time the two weeks was over, I was always more than ready to start running again. And, ready to start eating healthy and getting sleep. One can only survive on junk food for so long before they feel like crap. Literally.

This was one of our dessert spreads... yea, and the Oreo dessert was already gone before I could even get the pic.
So this week has been somewhat reminiscent of "Two Weeks of Bad Decisions" for me. No running, and I've been enjoying lots of sweets and other food I wouldn't normally eat during "training." Lots of TV watching and internet stalking, and basically being a lazy bum.

Oh, and baking. Lots of baking.

Chocolate, peanut buttery goodness.
I made these Better-Than-Crack Brownies, and OMG. I have no idea if they're better than crack but they're better than any brownie I've ever had. I took them into school and had several people ask me for the recipe. So you should try them.

In other news, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Which is the best holiday in the entire year because it's also my birthday.

My school celebrated my birthday with a catered lunch for teachers today. Ok, not really; it is Teacher Appreciation Week and the lunch was because of that, but I told myself all day it was in honor of me. :-) The free Mexican buffet was delicious though.

I also ventured out for a short little run this afternoon. (My birthday wouldn't be complete without some running action!) Today was the first day I woke up since the marathon not in pain. And my legs actually felt pretty good all day! Once I started running though, my legs were SO TIRED! I cannot believe how sore and tired they still are. [Note to self: Marathons are hard and will wear your legs out for awhile.] So I don't know when I'll be running again soon. Hopefully by next week.

So back to my birthday. This was the first time since I was in 11th grade that I have actually been able to celebrate my birthday with my Business Man...... and man he did good.

First we went out to eat to my favorite restaurant.

And then I got to open my present. Which was wrapped in CUPCAKE WRAPPING PAPER! Ahh! Loved it. 

Love this cake stand!!!

And then he made me dessert. AKA drove to Dairy Queen and bought my most favorite-est ice cream cake in the world. What a good man.

Chocolate extreme is where it's at.
I'm off to enjoy some more cake and snuggle time with my Business Man!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Running Girl said...

Happy Birthday!!! And, that cake looks amazing. I think taking time off & relaxing after a marathon is both a genius idea, well deserved, and essential. Do it! :-)

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