Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving Day is Here!! Oh, and I ran a half-marathon yesterday...

Yes, call me crazy. 

It's already been a chaotic week, with the whole renovating our house thing, trying to move in thing, and wrapping up the school year thing.

But when I found out on Friday that the Bean Town was holding a half-marathon on Saturday, I just had to participate. Never mind the fact that the longest run I'd done since the marathon was 7.5 miles. And that the marathon was just 20 days prior. Who cares?

So, I set off yesterday morning with the hopes of having a very fun run. 

Trying to get a self-portrait... I had no spectators at this run. (Because they were working on the house!)

There weren't too many people running the half-marathon. (There was a 5km, too, and a lot of people were doing that.)

The course was a little boring, out in the country corn fields, but it was fine. I was definitely glad I brought my iPod so I could jam out to some tunes.

I set out about an 8:00-pace, and just decided to cruise along and see how I felt. I was pretty sure I would feel good until about mile 10, and then it would go downhill from there.

I passed through the 5-mile mark in 39:05, so a 7:49-average. Still feelin' good.

I passed a lot of men during miles 5-10 which was definitely an ego-boost. I crossed the 10-mile mark in 1:17:30, a 7:45-average.

And that's where the wheels came off. I just got reeeeeeal tired. And then sun had come up and was shining brightly and it was hooooot. But I continued on! I never had to walk, which was good. 

I ended up finishing somewhere around 1:43:xx, which was 7+ minutes off my PR, but good enough for 3rd overall female! (And also earned me a little cash!) I've never placed that high in a race! And I've never won cash for running... it was completely awesome. 

So after the race I got cleaned up and headed over to the house to work. Activities done today: scraping varnish, Krud-Kutting the kitchen, edging the sidewalk, vacuuming, and trimming hedges. Well, my Business Man trimmed hedges.

He was having way too fun with the electric hedge trimmer.

The chaos of the kitchen. It's now painted and needs to be cleaned really well so we can move stuff in!

See the floors in the background?
Late in the afternoon, I escaped to make cupcakes (red velvet, lemon, and vanilla) for my friend's baby shower this afternoon. No pics yet... I will try to get some later!

I also might have stopped for a delicious iced mocha. But shhh... don't tell because I didn't offer to get anyone else one.

And now, it's the big day! We are actually moving in!

All packed up and ready to go!
And I'm off!


SbMac said...

Have fun moving! It is such an amazing feeling the first night in your new house!!! Especially after all the hard work you all put into it already!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

How exciting! Have fun moving into your new place! Congrats on the half as well, winning some cash is pretty awesome!!

Running Girl said...

Congrats on your third place finish - that is awesome!!

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