Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey guys! Hopefully I'm enjoying myself on the beach right about now...

I found this fun survey, the "Abc's of Food". I tend to ask my Business Man questions like these all the time, but he doesn't think it's any fun at all. So now I'm gonna answer all 26, because it'll be super fun! (For me, anyways...)

A is for apple, what's your favorite variety?

Honeycrisp! Although they come with a hefty pricetag. I have also been enjoying Pink Lady's lately.

B is for bread, regardless of nutrition, calories, or whole grains, what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of?

Oh, man, Great Harvest for sure. The Orange Sunburst is the best. So sweet and doughy. Tastes almost like a sweet orange roll with the glaze on top. Yum!

C is for cereal, what's your favorite kind currently? (only one!)

Honey Nut Shredded Wheat! I love that stuff!

D is for donuts, you might not be currently eating one, but what is your favorite?

Haven't had one in awhile... but our local supermarket makes the best blueberry donuts. I know, it sounds weird, but they're totally delish. Like a blueberry muffin in donut form.

E is for eggs, how do you like yours prepared?

Scrambled with cheese. Yes I am five years old. And yes my Business Man has to make them for me. (Note: This only usually occurs after long runs of 16+ miles. Cheesy eggs seem to be the only thing my stomach can handle.)

Or, in a Caramelized Onion Bacon Quiche. That is good.

F is for finger food, what's your favorite food to eat with your hands?

Oh....... probably boneless buffalo wings. Never would have guessed that, eh? Yup! Dipped in massive amounts of ranch. (This only occurs a couple of times a year. But it's so delicious.)

G is for groceries, where do you purchase yours at?

I shop mostly at Meijer. (Great place for coupon deals! I've gotten many a package of free frozen vegetables and free brownie mix over the past few months.)

I looooove Trader Joe's, but the nearest one is 1.5 hours away so it doesn't happen that often.

H is for hot beverages, what is your favorite hot beverage?

I drink coffee every morning. But my favorite hot drink in the whole wide world is the Cinnamon Dulce latte from Jo's Java in little ole' Greenville, IL. The best drink ever. 

I is for ice cream. Pick a flavor and add a fun topping.

Anything chocolate-peanut butter. Even better to top it with a Reese's cup.

J is for jams or jellies. Do you eat them, and if so, what kind and flavor?

Of course! PB & J all the way! I love my momma's homemade grape jelly. It's so good.

K is for Kashi, name your favorite Kashi product.

Umm.... don't eat a lot of Kashi stuff. (It's a little $$$.) But I do like their GoLean Crunch cereal!

L is for lunch, what was yours today?

I had a bowl of yogurt mixed with fruit, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, and sliced almonds. So light and refreshing.

M is for microwave, what is your favorite microwave meal/snack?

Probably my morning oatmeal. I can't really think of what else I microwave. Except for candy melts for making cake pops. Ha!

N is for nutrients. Do you like carbs, fats, or proteins best?

Carbs for sure. Bread, pasta, pizza. My mom and I are self-proclaimed carb-a-holics. Take us anywhere with a bread basket and we definitely get our money's worth. Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory. Carb heaven.

Don't worry, I eat vegetables, too. ;-)

O is for oil, what type do you like to use?

Whatever we have on hand. Usually olive oil.

P is for protein, how do you get yours?

Lots of ways. Greek yogurt, nuts, chicken, peanut butter, cheese. Ice cream. (Ice cream counts, right?)

Q is for Quaker, how do you like your oats?

Cooked with cinnamon and blackberries. With almond butter on top. That is my breakfast almost every school morning.

R is for roasting, what's your favorite thing to roast?

Chicken! Although I've only done it myself a handful of times. But the deli roasted chickens from the grocery store are great!

S is for sandwich, what's your favorite kind?

Hummus is yummus. Hummus and cheese with vegetables on homemade bread. So good.

T is for travel, how do you handle eating while traveling?

Open mouth, insert food. Eat as much ice cream as possible.

U is for unique, what is one of your weirdest food combos?

I used to dip green beans in ketchup. Does that count? Sweet potato fries in barbecue sauce?

V is for vitamins, what kind do you take?

Um... none? Mom, please pretend you didn't read that. I do have the ones you gave me. Somewhere.

W is for wasabi, yay or nay?

Haven't really had a lot of it. However, we painted our new kitchen 'wasabi' and I'm not the biggest fan.

X is for x-ray. If you x-rayed your belly right now, what food would you see?

A chicken quesadilla and some salad. And some Diet Dew. (Of course.)

Y is for youth, what foods remind you of your childhood?

My grandma's macaroni & cheese. Company casserole. Chipped beef on toast. Making cookies at Christmas time with my mom.

Z is for zucchini, how do you prepare it?

I haven't really made it a whole lot myself... but my mom used to make this bacon-tomato sauteed zucchini dish that was her grandmother's recipe. I need to bust that recipe out, pronto!

And that, my friends, is the "Abc's of Food." Enjoy.


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I love this survey! I did the same one today--great minds think alike!

jennifer said...

Have you tried grilling zucchini with just some olive oil, salt and pepper? It is quite nice.

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