Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When the cat's away, the mouse will play...

So what does a business man's wife do when her Business Man goes away on business? 

Oh, the endless opportunities...

*She might go to Meijer for a super-couponing adventure...

All this for just $18.31! Saved over $24 due to combining coupons with sales. Boo-ya!

All these items (except the fish) were free! Usually I would not buy Party Pizza, but it was one of my Business Man's favs before I moved out here. Although I couldn't bring myself to purchase the "pepperoni" or "sausage"... the little chopped-up chunks of "meat" freaked me out a little. He'll have to suffer with plain ole' cheese.

Don't mind the huge glare in the middle of the box. I haven't quite mastered the art of successfully photographing my groceries. Hmmm.

I also got my favorite cereal on sale, 2 for $5. Not the best deal, but usually it's $4.29 a box so I got a couple today.

*When she gets home from the store, she might do something crazy like go for a run. Predictable, much? A nice easy 5.5-miler on the treadmill while watching Friends.

*After run-time, she probably might get a little hungry. What's a girl to do with no Business Man to feed? 

Whip out the type of food that would make her Business Man cringe. Now, I've never had Indian food before. (the Bean Town isn't quite that cultured of a town... but we do have a Thai place!) I picked this up at Trader Joe's because it intrigued me.

It's made of mostly chickpeas (I think?) in a spicy sauce. I liked it... but the bread. Oh, the naan bread was delicious! You heat it in the oven and it gets all warm and a lil' crispy and then the package recommends you slather it with butter, which I highly recommend as well. 

I know, it doesn't look too appetizing. But it was dee-licious!

*After eating dinner, she might feel like doing something nice for her Business Man like create something delicious in the kitchen.

Including these: 

And this:
And I don't even like coconut. What has gotten in to me?
And these:

You will have to wait to see the end result, because I am secretly wishing/hoping/praying that my Business Man will actually read my blog post tonight even though I am away from him and haven't asked him 9470234 times, "Have you read it yet? Have you? Have you?"

*After she gets down and dirty in the kitchen, she will probably have to chill out on the couch with her new best friend the *ice-pack* to watch a few episodes of Cupcake Wars while browsing her new cookbooks from the Taste of Home outlet store. I know, life is rough...

Hair ties make wonderful ice-pack holders. Just in case you were wondering.

Only the best and cheesiest show on the Food Network. Maybe I'll be a contestant some day. Sigh.

And they have pictures! The best... I am going to become Queen of the Grill this summer. Just you wait.

Oh... and there will most likely (I mean, no doubt) be a bowl of chocolate moose tracks ice cream in the near future. Livin' life on the edge.


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