Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today.................................................................... is a very special day! 

Nope, not the day I graduated college. But my sweet momma's birthday! (I chose this pic because we had just returned from a week at the beach and are sporting lovely tans. Mom, when can we go back?!?)

Now, if we were living in the same general vicinity (or even the same state!) today would be the one day each year where I bake the Chocolate Chip Date Cake. You see, it is my mom's favorite. I don't like it. (Cake with dates in it? Eww.... However the crumb topping is delightful. I might have been known to scrape the topping off and shovel that into my mouth instead of cake.)

Anyways, every year I make that cake for my mom on her birthday. Since we can't be together this year, she will have to wait until next time we see each other for her cake. Hopefully this picture of a cherry-chocolate chip scone will satisfy you until now, Mom.

Let me share with you a few of the reasons why my mom is so special to me.

  • She likes to have fun. I like to have fun. We like to have fun together. Case in point:

Somehow we roped my Business Man into this shenanigan as well. And please ignore the bright orange t-shirt paired with the bright green running shorts. But do note the tan skin. Soon I will have that lovely glow again. 

  • We both love to cook and bake. She is the one who started me in the kitchen. Ever since I was young, she would let me help her cook dinner or bake cookies at Christmas. And, she is the best person to test recipes on because she likes everything I make. (Everyone's gotta have that one person who always puts a positive spin on everything!)

Scarfing cookies in the parking lot of the Taste of Home Visitor Center. Because we're cool like that.

  • She shared with me her looooovely long legs. We are both all legs no torso. Which I guess comes in handy for running and walking. (Our favorite activities.) But which also comes in not-so-handy when you're pregnant. (Or so she tells me from when I was in the womb. When you have no torso, there is nowhere for the baby to go but out. I guess that's what I have to look forward to... in the distant future.)

Check out those hot legs. And who do you think took this picture without us even knowing?

  • She has always been there for me, no matter what. Through lots of good/bad/interesting/funny times... she has always been the person I can go to. I am so thankful for all the support and love she and my dad have shown me throughout the years. Thankful for the countless hours of carpooling, and putting up with sleepless nights when my friends were over, and hosting the entire college cross country team for a sleepover, and sitting for hours upon hours at cold track meets to watch me run for 5 minutes, and taking me an awesome vacations when I was a kid. Just to name a few. Thanks, MOM!

Even though we are hours apart, I want to wish you 


Carol said...

Sara- I think you are so lucky to a have an awesome Mom like her! What is even better is that you realize how awesome of a person she is and that you do appreciate her. She is a special lady and deserves to be appreciated. You are one lucky girl to have a Mother like her! Love your post today! Carol

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