Sunday, April 3, 2011

Four Weeks

Four weeks 'til game time. Err... 'til I toe the starting line of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

I haven't mentioned training much since Monday's Yasso 800's. Those went well, but I was starting to feel a weird pain in my right calf-area, especially on Tuesday's run. I say calf-area because it's not really my calf, but lower than that, more toward my ankle. I took Wednesday off, and ran an easy 6 Thursday.

Friday's long run is its own story. Yes, my calf-ish area hurt, but I had the worst stomach cramping ever! I stopped to use the facilities 3 times during the run. My 16 miles w/ 8 at MP quickly turned into 10.7 w/ 5 at MP. I just couldn't take it.... I thought about trying a long run again for the week but decided to just call it a cut-back week, and flip-flop next week's schedule with this week's.

So, the first thing I do whenever I start to feel an injury or weird pain is make a mental check of when I last bought shoes. Whooops.... It was definitely December. Which means I'm at 650+ miles on this pair. I usually try to top out at 500 miles a pair. 

First thing I did upon that realization was order a new pair of shoes. $127 invested, they're supposed to be here by Tuesday. Hopefully they will magically solve all the problems.

Even if they don't, after a logical talk with my Business Man, we came to the conclusion that even if the last four weeks of training are compromised a bit with the whole calf-thing, I will still be able to finish the marathon. I have put in most of the long runs and the base mileage. What happens in the last four weeks won't affect me too much. (Not saying that I could just sit my bootie on the couch and run well... not at all!)

So here's the plan for the last four weeks. One last big week before taper time. This is all provided that my calf is feeling good-to-go.

4 weeks to go: 50 miles, 20 mile LR (last big training week!)

3 weeks to go: 40 miles, 14-16 mile LR

2 weeks to go: 32 miles, 10 mile LR

Last week: 20 miles plus the MARATHON!

Wooooie! It's getting close! I'm hoping the weather will actually get nice the last few weeks so I can enjoy some runs outside in the sun... this morning when I ran it was 28*F and cold. But it figures that by the end of the day it was above 60*F and my Business Man and I went for a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood in the sun. I guess I can never get the timing right, eh?


Running Girl said...

I'm with you - anxiously awaiting the nice weather for runs.

And, I hope the shoes solve your calf problems!

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