Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Long Run, in Numbers

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you wear green?? I sure did! I didn't want any students pinching me... that could make for some awkward situations.

Please ignore my super-shiny face. This was after a long day of work.

Funny story-- I reminded my students yesterday that today was St. Patrick's Day, and told them "Don't forget to wear green!" And then I realized, they have a uniform/dress code. Green is not an acceptable color. Woops. I felt a little bad, rubbing it in that they couldn't choose what they wanted to wear. One of my students saved me and said, "You mean green jewelry and socks and accessories, right?" I nodded, "Yes, of course that's what I meant, all along!"

After school today, I set out for this week's long run. I thought I would give you the highlights of today's run, just "the numbers". :-)

65: Temperature that it was outside today when I ran! With the sun!! Woo hoo!

17: Speed of the wind in miles per hour... made for some tough stretches when the wind was in my face. Wish my Business Man could have dropped me off somewhere with the wind at my back the entire way. Ah... we can dream, right?

18.45: Miles I ran today.

20: Miles I was supposed to run today.

7.75: More miles I need to add to today's run to reach full marathon distance. Yikes.

2:29:22: Amount of time it took me to run my 18.45 miles.

16.9: Ounces of water I carried on my run today.

202,318: Times I wanted to chuck the water bottle across the road because it is annoying to carry things when you run. I'm glad I didn't though, I would've been really thirsty.

3: Number of Clif shot blocks I ate on my run. (I tried a new flavor! Tropical punch... I liked it better than strawberry. And it's blue!)

6: Number of Clif shot blocks I probably should've eaten on my run. I hit the wall, big-time, around mile 15. Hence the not quite making it to 20. My legs were shot. Pun intended.

41: Number of songs I listened to on my iPod during this run.

Thank you for providing me with entertainment today.
14: Approximate number of Christmas songs included in the playlist. (I put my iPod on shuffle. It does not have that many songs because I recently got a new iPod because a certain someone sent me old one through the washing machine. Let me just say it wasn't me. My songs are all on my old computer, which has been donated to mi madre, so I don't have access to all my songs. So hence the plethora of Christmas music.)

20: Ounces of Gatorade I chugged as soon as I got home. It was lemon-lime. And yes, I promise it was Gatorade, not Diet Mountain Dew. 

3: Scoops of ice cream I will probably eat after I hit 'publish'. Chocolate moose tracks is where it's at, oh yea.

And that's all folks, off to eat my ice cream and head to bed. G'nite!


ambernpayne said...

I prayed for you yesterday during your run!! SO proud of you! I hope you guys have a great trip to MI this weekend.:) Love you!

Susan said... pretty much rock...even if i COULD run that much, i don't know that i would want to. i LOVE that one of your students saved you with the green. yesterday i didn't even think about, got dressed (grey and black), realized it was st. patrick's day, and decided i didn't really care...i mean...i care...i just didn't want to change. luckily, no one pinched me. proud of you for drinking the gatorade...and the ice cream comment made me contemplate a future in running. ;)

Liz A said...

Nice run, Sarah! I couldn't help but punch your time/distance into a pace calculator. 8:05 average, nice pace!! Is that the longest you've ever run?

Sara said...

Amber-- Thanks! We had a great time. We'll see you tomorrow hopefully.

Susan-- Haha about the green clothes. Yes, ice cream is always good after a run. :-)

Liz-- Thanks! Yup, that's the longest. I'm hoping to go 20 next week, with my marathon being May 1st. Hopefully I will be able to go 20 at least twice, but who knows? Marathon-ing is insane!

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