Thursday, March 31, 2011

Strange Things Encountered during a 24-hr trip to Milwaukee and back

As some of you may know, I've been traveling around quite a bit this week for my spring break. I spent some time with my BFF in Moline, IL before heading up to Milwaukee with mi madre for a whirlwind "foodie fun" trip. 

Our first stop: Taste of Home magazine visitor center! Rather than give you a play by play of the trip, I thought I'd just highlight the important details. Much more fun that way.

At the visitor center they have an awesome outlet store for Taste of Home products. 

Like this super-awesome "Egg Cuber." Because everyone needs to be able to make a square egg. (?!?) To be completely honest, I would probably eat hard-boiled eggs more often if they were square. And if they didn't give me gas. Unfortunately this super-fab product did not come home with me. I might have purchased 4 new cookbooks though. Whoops.

They also had a great selection of clothing at the outlet store. Forget the Limited, I'm stocking my wardrobe with these beautiful sweaters! It would work as a professional-looking work shirt, because it has a collar, right?

We stopped in a couple other foodie shops where I discovered this gem of a flavor of hot cocoa. Takes me back to just a few days ago when my Business Man's little sis gave me a bacon-flavored mint. Not the best flavor combination, in case you were wondering.

With all the walking around, we just had to stop and rest our legs at a movie. This movie theater had the largest seats I have ever seen in my life. I mean, look, there's room for my thunder thighs and my big ole' purse, and there's still space leftover. If my Business Man was along, we could've shared a seat. Would they only charge us for one ticket then?

And like all good girly trips, we had ice cream for dinner. It was $1 scoop Wednesdays! So of course that means getting 2 scoops. Brownie batter & chocolate peanut butter. It was. So. Good. And it had been 3 whole days since I'd eaten ice cream so it was like being re-united with my long lost lover.

Of course after spending all day browsing cookbooks and foodie stores we had to stop at my favorite grocery store in the whole wide world, Trader Joe's. Except we timed our shopping wrong because we went to Trader Joe's before we went to Kohl's and then had to carry 4 bags of groceries around Kohl's because we didn't want to walk all the way to the car first. (Lazy, much?)

The bags were heavy so we found a good solution. Don't tell me you've never pushed your groceries around at a department store in a shopping cart/stroller hybrid.

And to cap it all off, we stopped at the best gas station in the world on the way back today. They had samples of fresh baked cookies. Chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia. That definitely warrants two samples, one of each. Good thing the cookie police weren't there.

And now I'm back in the Bean Town, happy to be cuddling with my sweet Business Man. Who was super-nice and took me to Panera for dinner and gave me all the pecans off his salad when mine only had 3. I think I'll keep him.



Running Girl said...

That sweater is hot stuff! :-)

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