Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break, baby!

Spring break! Woot woot for a week free of whining, excuses, and waking up early. ;-)

Now, spring break vacations usually mean a trip to the beach or somewhere else equally tropical. Not this year. I'm taking a grand ole' tour of the Midwest! Starting with a trip home to see my parents, then up to northern IL to see my BFF from college, and then to Wisconsin for a girly getaway with my mom. Lots of driving, yes. Lots of fun, totally!

Sadly, I am sans Business Man this week, because not all jobs have spring breaks. Who woulda thunk? I got home last night, and enjoyed a nice dinner out with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, & cousin. One of the best things about coming home? Whenever we eat out, my meal's always taken care of. Thanks Tina & Kent!

This morning, I woke up too early, around 7. Stupid time zone difference. Oh wells. I got up and had one thing on the brain: Yasso 800's! It was too cold for it being March 27th. 23*F with a windchill of 15*F. Yikes. 

Getting ready to head out. Why is it sooooooo coooooold still? And don't ask why my hand is curled up under my chin. Apparently, I'm trying to pull off the "cute little girl" look. Not happening so much.

I headed down to my old high school track, and attempted 8x800m @ 3:20 w/ 400m jog recovery. It was pretty nostalgic running a track workout where I used to practice everyday after school... made me smile. :)

I did this workout last week, but only did 6 reps. My goal for this week was to stay near the goal time, and not go too fast too early. Because when I get too excited and go too fast too early in the workout, I have difficulty completing the workout. Duh, Sara. It's not rocket science. If you run too fast, your legs will be too tired to finish.

Anyways, it was successful! The last two were hard, but that's pretty normal. I just gotta up it to 10 reps next week and see how that goes. This week's splits-- 3:19, 3:19, 3:19, 3:18, 3:18, 3:18, 3:19, 3:15. Pretty consistent. I let myself sprint on the last straightaway of the last rep.

After coming home, showering, and filling my belly, my mom and I headed to the cute lil' town square to do some browsing in the shoppes. 

Including a stop to the vintage candy store. Yummm! My Business Man and I used to walk here after school every Friday when we were in high school. Some of the best memories. I like to kid around that it's where we fell in love.

Look at all the candy!
I got some peach rings and raspberry candies. Nothing says livin' on the edge like sneaking a few raspberry gummies before lunch. It is spring break! Gotta live it up!

We also stopped into my favorite store on the square, Lori's Kitchen Store. I left without too much damage to my pocket book, with a couple packages of garlic cheese beer bread mix. Yum. And a new cupcake recipe. 

And some of the best things about being home? 

Cupcakes in the background... I don't wait long when I'm given a new recipe. Obviously.
My mom knows me too well... she bought an entire 12-pack for me, even though I'm only home for 2 days. She'll probably be a sweet little angel and let me take it back to the Bean Town with me, too.

And, this little cuddle monster.

She's such a freak sometimes. Who lays like this? But she's so cuddly and soft and cute, it doesn't even matter.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm off to visit with my Business Man's family and eat more cupcakes. Because that's what spring breaks are for: visiting family & friends and eating cupcakes.

P.S. Recipe to come later, I promise.


Running Girl said...

Oh. . . that cupcake looks AMAZING. Yum. Can't wait for the recipe. ;-)

Fastboy said...

Looks like you are having a fun time!

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