Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quickie Road Trip

This past Friday night, my Business Man and I took a road trip north! One of my BFF's from college (Kristi) and her husband just moved back up to Michigan about a month ago, when he finished his training with the National Guard. I hadn't seen Kristi or her sweet babe since October, and her husband (Clay) since last July at our wedding! We were long overdue for a visit.

We took off as soon as school let out, and got there in time for din-din, and were served some dee-lish fish & chips. They then introduced me to a new game, Settlers of Catan. Now, sometimes I get a little confused with games that require a lot of thought and strategy. I thought for sure that I would not like this game. But once I got the hang of it, it was super-fun! Now I can see why people can play it for hours on end. I did not win, but I did win the award for Longest Road. That's gotta count for something, right?

Sweet, sweet victory!

The next day, we got up and went for a run. Obviously. (We ran together on the team in college.) It had been so long since I'd run with people! Let me just say... running with your friends is the best way to run. I miss it so much. Talking and sharing thoughts and emotions just comes so naturally when running. It's the ultimate friendship bonding experience. Ok, enough sappy stuff for now.

We set out to do 7 miles and got lost and ended up doing over 9 miles. But it didn't even matter because the miles flew by because we were having so much fun. We also ran through an awesome castle-looking thing. And of course had to go back later and take pictures.

Doesn't it make you feel like you're in Ireland or something? Nope... just Michigan.

And of course we had to re-enact the running portion as well.

After our run, we made pumpkin scones for breakfast. Kristi & I always bake when we are together. Back in college, every Tuesday night I would go to her house and we would bake brownies or something equally delicious and watch the Biggest Loser together. Because watching the Biggest Loser would cancel out all the calories in the brownies. We would also try to make each other do abs during commercials, but that didn't always happen.

Anyways, the first batch of pumpkin scones did not turn out so hot because I forgot to add the baking powder. Me? The queen of baking? Yes, I do make mistakes. More than you probably think. ;-) 

The second batch turned out much better, and we drenched drizzled the scones with a nice cinnamon glaze and sprinkled them with pecans. As Kristi exclaimed, "The house smells like Christmas!" 

Yes, those scones are swimming in a pool of cinnamon glaze. And yes, they were delicious. And please, ignore the wet hair. We were hungry.

I will share the recipe at a future date, I promise, probably in the fall when it makes a little more sense to make pumpkin scones. However, if you are a pumpkin fanatic (like myself & Kristi & this friend) feel free to comment and I will give it to you. 

After another round of Settlers of Catan and a trip to Target (there is no Target in the Bean Town, tragic!), we headed out to a late lunch.

Cora decided that she'd drive.

Isn't she precious? She handled the car quite nicely, too.

We hit up a local sandwich shop downtown, called the Pickle Barrel Deli. It was too cute! Tons and tons of choices. The menu was huge. I went with the the Fields Veggie--lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cucumber, avocado spread, sprouts, cheddar, and hummus on sourdough. Yum-O!

My sammy!

After lunch, we walked around downtown for a bit and checked out some art galleries. Too bad they were closed and all we could do was look in the windows. 

Sadly, then we had to leave to go back to the Bean Town. We stopped at our favorite drink joint on the drive back............... Sonic! Three cheers for cherry lime-ade!

It was sunny enough that I needed my shades! Spring is coming!

Thanks for a great weekend, Kristi & Clay! It was a blast. Can't wait to show you guys around the Bean Town!


Alissa said...

Thanks for the shout out! I do love pumpkin. I love you and Kristi way more :) So glad that you got to see her!

blbjakcoates said...

Yes Settlers is a fun game, been playing for a few years and our 9 year old can play also. Good game. Where did you find pumpkin to make the scones there isn't any in our stores.

Danielle said...

Just stopping by from SR!

I don't know that I would survive without Target OR Sonic! : )Looks like you guys had a fun time together!

Sara said...

Alissa--Miss you so much!

blbjakcoates-- My friend had the pumpkin already... I think she mentioned she got it at Target? I haven't looked for it in the stores lately...

Danielle-- Thanks for stopping by! I know... it's a rough life. :-P

Cortney said...

Love your blog! I think the pictures and recipes are awesome since I am too a baking addict in spurts. I grew up in the Youngstown,Oh area and know of some fun stuff to do there if you ever venture to that part of the state. I've been thinking about doing the Akron 1/2 marathon in Sept. I heard of your blog from skinnyrunner. Keep up the good work! I'm a chemistry grad student and my inner nerd thanks you for your great Pi Day celebration! :)

Sparkling said...

I am so confused. Where I come from, Beantown is Boston. But you say you drove to Michigan for the weekend? Craziness. It can't be the same Beantown....

Sara said...

Cortney-- Thanks! I didn't know there was a half in Akron... I might have to think about doing that one! Never been to Youngstown, but if we ever go, I'll ask you for best recommendations. Thanks for reading! :)

Sparkling-- I'm not actually from Boston! I'm from a town in Ohio named after a bean... SR was a little confused. :)

Kristin said...

We love Settlers! If you ever get bored with that one you should try Seafarers of Catan as well.

Clayton said...

Oh we can't wait to come to the bean town!!! :) I hope soon. Am trying to do another 9 miler...wish you were here! Good job on the 20!

Clayton said...

haha that was really left by me (kristi)...

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