Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventures in Shopping

With my parents being here this weekend, we decided to do something F-U-N on Saturday and get the heck of out dodge. (Not that the Bean Town can't be fun...)

First things first, I took my daddy-O to the gym to show off my super sweet workout pad. And also completed a 3.1 mile tempo run. Wooo!

After getting cleaned up, we headed down to Easton Town Center outside Columbus for some quality shopping time. Equipped with coupons and gift cards, my mom and I were super excited. Not so sure about the excitement levels of the gentlemen though. (Haha...)

Having some fun in Eddie Bauer...

We checked out lots of stores, and did lots of window shopping, especially at our favorite home goods store. (Crate and Barrel!) I resisted buying a donut pan, although I have been dying to try some of the dozens of baked doughnut recipes I've seen online this past week.

The highlight of the day was probably our dining selection, the Cheesecake Factory! We strategically planned our meal timing to be around 3:30pm (linner??) to avoid waiting hours for a table. But we still ended up with about 45 minute wait. It wasn't too terrible though, because there was a big body-building competition in a nearby convention center, so there were lots of interesting people roaming around. (Aka lots of interesting-looking people to gawk at...)

Our meals were fabuloso... my BBQ chicken pizza totally hit the spot! (Any surprises there?) We took a few pieces of cheesecake with us to enjoy back in the Bean Town.

Do we really have to share with the boys??

And how does one split two pieces of cheesecake evenly four ways?

Carefully, very carefully. It's really an art. You have to make sure each person gets an equal amount of each flavor of cheesecake. 

The flavors we chose: Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake and Chocolate Raspberry. Both were amazing, but I enjoyed the Chocolate Raspberry a schmidgen more than the Red Velvet. I'm a chocolate girl at heart. (I know, Red Velvet is chocolate, but it's more of a light cocoa flavor. I go for the rich stuff.)

We enjoyed our cheesecake while watching the movie You Again and laughing our little tushies off.

We went to church this morning and enjoyed lunch at Panera before sending my parents on their merry way. (One of the best things about parents visiting? Going out to eat and not having to pay the bill! Thanks, Mom & Dad! :-D)

And there goes another weekend that passed too quickly.

Just getting settled in to watch "America's Next Greatest Restaurant"! I think I'm gonna like this show...


Kristi Kay said...

glad you had fun! can't wait for our visit soon!!!!

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