Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures in Grocery Shopping (Err... Drug Store Shopping)

I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago I took a couponing class. (I know what you're thinking. A whole class? Don't you just clip, cut, and save?)

Trust me, it's a whole different game. Stacking coupons, doubling coupons, pairing coupons with sale items, pairing coupons with store rewards.

I haven't gone completely coupon crazy (yet!), but I have scored some deals.

The most recent deal (and probably most exciting to date) occurred at Rite Aid this week. Rite Aid has a "Wellness Program" where if you buy certain items, you can earn "UpRewards" which are treated like in-store cash.

This week, a certain deal in their ad was that if you bought one can of Lay's Stacks Chips (costing $1.00), you would receive $1.00 in UpRewards. Now, that equals free chips! (And yes, free chips is part of their "Wellness Program". Doesn't make much sense to me either.)

Leaning Tower of... Chips?
Since I already had $6.00 in UpRewards, I bought 6 cans of chips, and got $6.00 back in UpRewards. And then I did it again. And refrained myself from repeating this process over and over and over again. (Because really, what would we do with all these chips? Besides contribute to the nation's obesity epidemic. Already, my Business Man and I ate an entire can between Sunday and Monday alone. I guess that is why I never buy chips. Ha.)

So, now I am pondering... what do I do with all these chips? (Besides make my Business Man a very happy man for having salty snack food in the house. He just doesn't seem to understand my love for sweets.)

I'm thinking of conjuring up some delectable dinner recipes that use potato chips. Barbecue chip-encrusted chicken strips? Cheesy potato casserole topped with a crispy potato chip mixture? I think yes!

So, stay tuned to see the adventures of the Lay's potato chips... and if you live near a Rite Aid, go stock up! 


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