Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I'm Lovin'

Reasons I am Happy Today

1. I ran outside today! In shorts! In the middle of February! Yessss! It was so glorious. Even though the wind was treacherous. I just did an easy 4.5 miles because I've got 16 on the schedule for tomorrow. Yikes!

Rockin' out my favorite Nike tempos.

Running in 60*F weather in February means a lot of melting snow. Which means a lot of running water around town, which means a lot of puddles and mud. Which means dirty legs. Good thing I got a shower after!

2. We have no school tomorrow to make up for our two nights of Parent/Teacher conferences this week. Woo hoo for sleeping in! I'm gonna stay up late and party like it's 1999. Okay, not really, I will probably still be in bed passed out before 10pm. But at least I don't have to set an alarm tomorrow!

3. As a result of no school tomorrow and no school Monday (President's Day), my Business Man and I are going home for the weekend! I'm excited to see our fam and get some cuddle-time with my mom's puppy.

4. I took a Couponing Class last week, and have been getting myself into the world of mega-couponing. I got my first "real deal" today. 2 bottles of toothpaste for free plus $0.54 store credit! 

Paid $6.46!

Got back $7 UPRewards! (In-store cash.)

5. Panera Bread. I think I've been there once a week since the start of 2011. Pure heaven for a carb-a-holic like myself. I even tried something new tonight! Turkey Artichoke Panini and Fuji Apple Salad. Yum. Oh, and a cookie the size of my face.

Please ignore the crazy high-on-sugar facial expression. I was excited about the cookie.

6. I have discovered the delicious-ness that is full-fat yogurt. I have always eaten the 'light' stuff until recently, when I decided to give my Business Man's regular yogurt a try. What was I thinking all my life? The real stuff is so much creamier and tastier! 

The only problem is, now my Business Man and I will be fighting over flavors. No more 'his' and 'her' yogurt!

7. Sleeping in until 7am on school days. Now that I don't have a first period class, I can slide in right before the bell rings! I like extra sleep. Although it does make for some interesting encounters in the morning, as my Business Man and I are getting ready at the same time. Let's just say that the kitchen table (layered with towels) is also our ironing board, which makes it hard for one person to iron while the other is trying to get her breakfast and lunch ready. Maybe it's time to shell out the whole $12 an ironing board would cost.

8. This coffee cake recipe. It's a knock-off recipe of Starbuck's coffee cake. I made it for Sunday School at church last week, and it was phenomenal. I'm not sure if it actually tasted like Starbucks', as I've never had coffee cake from Starbucks', but it was delicious. But, how could anything with two sticks of butter just in the topping not be delicious?

That's all for now, be back later if I survive this 16 mile run tomorrow. Happy Long Weekend! And if you don't have a long weekend, Happy Regular Weekend! Because weekends are still fun. :-)


ambernpayne said...

Have a safe trip home! Love you guys! See you Monday, if you're back by then! :)

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