Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Unexpected Snow Day leads to Cake Pops!

So yesterday was the best day ever. Well, the best day of this year so far. Haha.

Love is in the air!

I woke up at 5:45am to go to the gym and run before school. I used to do this all the time, but haven't in a month or two because I don't like to get up that early all that much. I checked for a school delay before I left, because that's what I do first thing everyday when I wake up. (Hopeful, much?) Alas, no delay was called yet, so I went off to the gym.

While driving, it was very icy. So icy in fact, that I ran a red light because I couldn't stop! Thank goodness it was 5:45am and not a lot of cars were out. 

Anyways, I completed my run (4x800m intervals! woooo!), and was stretching a bit before I left, when the owner of the gym came over to ask if I had a delay. (He knows I teach.) Of course, I didn't think we did, but decided to check the TV anyway. Woot woot! A delay was called. So I decided to add on a couple extra miles, since I had the time. 

I got home, luxuriously ate my oatmeal in front of the TV watching the Today Show, when it was announced school was cancelled! Completely random unexpected ice day! And I had woken up at 5:45am... haha. Figures. At least my workout was complete, and I had all day to do whatever I want.

I spent the morning watching TV, and made a shopping trip to Meijer, which was completely dead and wonderful. Usually when I go it is Saturday and a madhouse.

I also met up for lunch with some new friends (including this lovely lady) which was fun to do on a weekday! 

After lunch and a trip to Hobby Lobby, my mission for the afternoon was to tackle one of the cake pop projects in my Bakerella book "Cake Pops." (I got it for Christmas.) Recently, I made the ice cream cake pops, and today I decided to tackle some heart-shaped Valentine cake pops.

I had a Funfetti cake mix in my cabinet already, so I decided to use that as the base. (BTW... has anyone ever had Funfetti cookies? So easy... 1 cake mix, 1/3 cup oil, 2 eggs. Bake 10 minutes at 350*F. The quickest and easiest cookies ever. And super tasty, too.)

So I mixed the crumbled Funfetti cake with some pink vanilla frosting. Which I picked up at Meijer, in the Valentine's section. Where I also found the cutest argyle Valentine socks. Which might have found their way into the cart. Shhhh... don't tell my Business Man.

I formed the cake balls, and let them chill for a bit.

Then, I took each cake ball, and using a small heart-shaped cookie cutter, shaped it into a heart. Then, I chilled them a bit more. (It's best when working with cake pops if they're always cold, especially when dipping them.)

I melted my candy melts, starting with pink. I also used white and dark chocolate.

And got to dipping! To dip the pops, you dip the tip of the stick in the chocolate, then stick it in the pop. Then completely cover the pop in candy coating in one swoop. Let it drip off and stick in a piece of styrofoam to set up. See Bakerella's site for more info!

I decorated some with sprinkles, and drizzled the others with a different color candy coating!

I took these to school today (for the teachers) and they were a hit! One teacher even said he'd pay up to $1.50 for one... hmmm... does the Bean Town need a Cake Pop business? (Ya know, in all my free time.)

Almost too cute to eat... Nahh... totally delicious!

Inside view. And yes I most certainly finished this guy off. Along with a few others. Had to taste all the colors!

In a nutshell, these were totally fun to make. And only took about 3.5 hours total, versus the 6.5 hours the ice cream pops took. 

Next on the horizon is Snowman Cake Pops! Who knows... maybe we'll have another snow day tomorrow?? 

Question: Have you ever had cake pops? What flavor combination would you like to try?

I have tried white cake with vanilla frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and now Funfetti with vanilla frosting. The Funfetti is my favorite by far... especially with the dark chocolate candy coating. I would like to try red velvet or strawberry cake next.


Anonymous said...

Those look delicious AND beautiful! I could go for one right need to be closer! :)
Jana C.

Sara said...

Thank you! I wish I could send you one... but there's actually only 3 left! I don't think they'll make it. ;-)

Isaac, Rachel, Sam, Caleb, and Grace Wofford said...

Your fellow teachers must count themselves so lucky to have a bake-aholic working with them! And for couponing, check out the frugal girls' coupon database online!

ambernpayne said...

You totally have to have me over some time so we can make these together! It looks so much fun! :D

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you on Wednesday!

Sara said...

Amber-- definitely! That would be a lot of fun. I have a whole book of different designs and flavors and such. We'll have to figure out when.

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