Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Confessions, edition #1

This week has been crazy! Here's a few ramblings that have been running through my mind...

1. As much as I love to cook, I haven't cooked dinner once this week. Monday night we had a deli-roasted chicken. Tuesday night was cereal. Tonight my amazing Business Man had a gourmet meal waiting for me when I got home from the gym at 7pm. 

Salad, cheese tortellini, and garlic bread! Love my Business Man!

Enjoying the carb-licious-ness...

2. I got home from the gym so late because I decided to do my long run today. On the treadmill. I watched an episode of Friends, two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, and another half-episode of Friends. I don't think I've watched that many sitcoms on TV consecutively since I was in college, and my roommate Tal-Tal and I would watch entire DVD's of Friends episodes. In one sitting. Of course while eating buffalo popcorn chicken or DQ blizzards.

3. Speaking of DQ, the Dairy Queen's (yes, there's more than one) in the Bean Town closed "for the season" on Nov. 18. This means I have gone approximately 10 weeks and 6 days without a blizzard. For a girl who is accustomed to devouring a blizzard treat once a week, I am in a state of deprival. I am afraid that once the DQ opens again and the new Coldstone opens this spring, I will be in big trouble.

This is brownie batter. My favorite is french silk pie made with chocolate ice cream. The internet has no pictures of that. One of the Dairy Queen's in the Bean Town does not serve chocolate ice cream. Is that not the weirdest thing? We don't go to that one anymore, ever since that first time. Bad decision on their part, not to serve chocolate ice cream.
4. My pre-run snack today was a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew and a cake pop. Sugar makes you run fast, right?

5. I have been a cake pop making machine. Who needs real food when you can eat cake pops?

6. I love teaching and all, but am so excited because Friday I get to miss school to go to a track & field coaching clinic in Columbus. It doesn't help that the clinic is at Easton Town Center, home to many of my favorite places. (Trader Joe's, Cheesecake Factory, The Limited, Anthropologie, and the list goes on...) 

7. I have run out of things to "confess" except that I can guarantee I will be in bed before 9pm tonight. That gives me 47 minutes to eat the last 3 cake pops. I think I can handle that task. Then we will be out and I will have to make more. Oh, darn!


Alissa said...
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Alissa said...

I just tried to comment, but it did not make any sense when I reread I am trying this again :)
I love your confessions! I can not wait to come visit you someday and eat DQ again. I had a dream about blizzards a few weeks ago. Yeah for doing long runs on the treadmill!

Isaac, Rachel, Sam, Caleb, and Grace Wofford said...

In my opinion, how could a person be satisfied with a blizzard if they could go to Cold Stone? BTW, I am officially IN LOVE with the cookie dough truffles. The perfect mid-day slump pick-me-up!

Sara said...

Alissa-- yes! I miss our DQ dates.

Rachel-- Well, the Coldstone hasn't opened yet. It will probably be stiff competition for DQ. However, I frequently get BOGO for DQ (member of the Blizzard Fan Club), so that would probably influence my decision to go there... as long as I can convince a certain someone to go too. However, in the past I might have bought 2 for myself and frozen one for later that week! Haha... I'm a little ashamed to admit that. Glad you're loving the truffles!

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