Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st Day of 2nd Semester and Chef Giotto

Well, today was the first day of 2nd semester. I'm liking it already.

I have my planning period first thing; whereas last semester it was at the end of the day. This means I can arrive at school at 8am instead of 7:15am! I always have a few last minute things to do in the morning, so by not having a class first thing, I can do those during my planning. I have less time to get stuff done in the afternoon, but I'm never very productive in the afternoon anyway. Win-win situation!

I'm teaching two sections of Algebra 2, which is my most favorite class to teach ever, and one section of Calculus. We will be moving very slowly through Calculus, as I'm a little wary of what it will bring. I would rather teach them a few things and have them really understand it, than cram as much as possible in with no retention. (It's not for college credit; they will still have to take Calc. in college. So it's like Calc. that you take before you take the real Calculus. Confused yet?)

After school, we had our monthly new teacher meeting, so I didn't get to the gym until after 5pm, and didn't get home until after 6pm. This means I needed something super speedy and super scrumptious for dinner!

In comes my friend Trader Joe! (One of my favorite grocery stores!) My Business Man and I stopped in Indy this weekend. We picked up a new-to-us item, Lobster Ravioli. With some Organic Vodka sauce. 

You can't read it, but the sauce says "Trader Giotto's." Cute, huh?

It hit the spot! I served it up with some steamed broccoli, with a little parmesan sprinkled over the top. And of course some garlic breadsticks, courtesy of the Doughboy.

Hooo hooo! 

[Side note: Before this meal, I had never eaten lobster in my life. My mom found out she was allergic at the age of 18, while celebrating her high school graduation. She developed tons of hives and couldn't breathe! I've been a little afraid to try it in case the same thing happened. But I'm able to eat shrimp, and my mom can't, so I thought why not. I told my Business Man this; and all the time while we were eating, he kept acting like he was seeing hives all over my face and neck. Tryin' to freak me out. That little booger.]

Anyways it was a delish and nutrish meal, and I don't have much else to say! No exciting baked goods in the Bean Town household tonight, but I can guarantee there will be later this week.

I'll leave you with a picture of my mom's cute little pup, Maggie. This was just after they brought her home. She's much bigger now. Isn't she precious?


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