Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8: Brownie-Covered Oreos

Today's cookie recipe has two ingredients. Yup, just two! Brownie mix and a package of Oreos. So simple that my Business Man could make them!

I saw this recipe over at Picky-Palate, and immediately had to try it. I love incorporating Oreos into my baked goods. We even had Oreo Cupcakes at our wedding! And who could forget about Oreo Truffles? (Also known as Snowman Poop in my circle of friends...)

After tasting them, I must say these are divine! And so simple. Perfect for the chocoholic in your life. (aka me!) The cookie gets a little soft inside the brownie, and it's just a chocolate explosion in your mouth! You will want to have a glass of milk handy.
Just have to show off our tree some more!

First things first, mix up your brownie mix. If you want a lot of Brownie-covered Oreos, use a large brownie mix. If you don't need as many, use a smaller brownie mix. My favorite brownie mix is Ghiradelli, but it can be kinda pricey. Usually I just buy what's on sale.

[Side note: The last two times I have made brownies, from a mix, I have totally ruined them.  I know, I know. How could that be? Sara, the queen of all things baking-related, ruin brownies? Yup, twice. My Business Man can testify. What is the world coming to?]

In the meantime, heat your oven to 350*F, and spray a couple muffin tins very generously with cooking spray.

One your brownie batter is all mixed-up, coat each side of the Oreo with the brownie batter. (Just like you would dip pretzels in chocolate, or coat something in a batter to be deep-fried. Mmm... deep-fried Oreos. Anyone ever had those?)

Place the brownie batter-covered Oreos inside the well-greased muffin tin. Bake 12-15 minutes, just until baked through. Immediately upon removing from oven, run a knife along the edges to loosen the sides. (Otherwise, it will stick horribly.)

After cooling for a few minutes, remove from the pans. Drizzle with white chocolate, if you so desire. I also used some Christmas sprinkles! 'Tis the season!
Inside shot!

These would be super-cute with the "Holiday" Oreos. Red and green inside! I also was pondering the thought of the Mint Oreos... that would be delectable as well. 

In other news, I did my 5-minute ab routine yesterday for the first time in awhile. And by 'awhile', I really mean 6 months. I'm only just a little sore today!

We also had our first indoor track conditioning practice today. I am helping out with indoor track at my school, as well as outdoor track. Unfortunately, most of the distance runners are in swim season, so they aren't able to come to conditioning. At least they're getting some good cross training!

So, today I ran some '800' meter repeats with the four distance guys who actually can come to conditioning. I say put '800' in quotes, because we run the halls of the school, including up and down flights of stairs, so who really knows how far it is? All I know is they whooped my bootie on the first one, but by the last rep, they were all fadin' fast. They just don't quite have the endurance yet. It will come.

We ended practice with a fartlek of sorts, on the staircase. Oh joy. 1-minute hard of powering up the stairs as fast as possible, followed by a 1-minute break. Times 3. Yes, only 3 sets, but believe me, it was exhausting! Stairs are a whole separate beast than running.

Now I'm off to do my second day in a row of 5-minute abs. And then reward myself with a few Brownie-Covered Oreos... good thing my Business Man's taking them to work tomorrow!


Me said...

we also tried making these and they were really good, but for some reason we had a hard time melting the white chocolate chips. When we tried in the microwave they started to melt but then just got really hard and then then we tried to double-boil but they didn't get melty enough to drizzle and we just spread it on like frosting. Double oye! that's why I don't bake.

Sara said...

White chocolate can be fickle! If you do it in the microwave, you need to do at 50% power for 30 seconds, then stir, then repeat until it's melted.

But you nailed the baking part! You just need to work on the garnishing... haha.

I miss you!! We should try to get together over Christmas?!

Me said...

I would be all for that, but I'm not sure if we are going to Washington at all :(. We'll be there this weekend to do Christmas with my family, but as for the Christmas break we are going to the Bahamas with Matt's family from the 23rd to the 30th. I miss you too! Happy baking!

Sara said...

Whoa dude!! The Bahamas?? That sounds great... have fun!

Sara said...

Whoa dude!! The Bahamas?? That sounds great... have fun!

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