Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 20, revisited...

Sorry for the short and lame post last night!

Yesterday was my first 'official' day of break, but it was jam-packed! My Business Man had a Holiday Open House at his office from 1pm-5pm, and I was a busy little bee all morning helping him get ready.

We set up my Christmas village that I realized I haven't put up in 5 years... oops. :-O

Maybe some day, we'll have room at our house to put this out!
Some of the pieces are super-cute! I have collected this since I was probably about 12 or so.

So cute! M&M's being stamped! 
This is my favorite pieces: The Elf Spa! Complete with acorn hot tub and the little elf diving in. :-)
After setting the village up, I escaped home to go for a run. OUTSIDE! It was my first outside run in over a week. Due to being on break, I was able to go in the middle of the day! When the sun was shining! 

Clearly, I need to see the sun a little more. I'm not diggin' this white pasty look!
And a bonus... I got to use my new iPod! Tragically, over Thanksgiving while we were home, my mom accidentally washed my old iPod. (It got left in my pants pocket.) So, she is a super-awesome mom, and sent me a new one this week! It's an iPod with a touch screen. (So fancy, I'm still figuring it out.)

As you can see, I rocked out to Mariah Carey's Christmas album. 

For a whole 5 minutes.

You see... about 5 minutes into my run, I decided that I needed to turn the volume up. ("All I Want for Christmas is You" came on! Of course it needed to be louder...)

Then, I realized my little zipper on my little pocket of my running pants had broken. And it was zipped shut. And I couldn't get it open. So, there I stood, on the road for a good 5 minutes, trying to get the zipper open. And it wouldn't open. 

I took off my mittens and tried some more. No success. Also note that it was only 17*F outside yesterday. And there I am, standing outside mitten-less, yanking at my pocket. I can only imagine what people driving by were thinking.

And, in the process, the headphones yanked out of the iPod, so then the iPod was trapped all by its lonely little self inside the pocket. With no hope of escape until I got home to the scissors.

So, my exciting Christmas tune-filled run turned into 5 minutes of Mariah belting it out followed by 45 minutes of silence. 

Which isn't always a bad thing... :-) I got to soak in some of the Christmas decorations on people's houses around town. Ended up with 6.5 miles for the day.

After my run, I quickly showered, got ready, and headed back to my Business Man's office to get everything set up.

Food table. One of my Business Man's employees made these pretzel/rolo candies, which were so good! A pretzel with a melted rolo and an M&M on top. I loved it!
Coffee station! Like my arrangement of the napkins?
I made several types of cookies for the open house, one being Cherry Bon-Bon Cookies. I would describe these as a light shortbread cookie wrapped around a maraschino cherry, and then drizzled with a cherry glaze. 

Growing up, the dad of my next-door neighbors (who I shared a lot of summers with... so much fun!) absolutely loved these cookies. We would always make him a whole plate just for him. 

Anyways, you wrap the dough around each cherry. Make sure you get the ones without pits. Also, it's easier if you get the kind without stems. Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong jar, and ended up having to pull all the stems off. Not really a big deal, but if you can avoid extra work, why not?

Then, you form the dough with the cherry inside into a ball.

Then, bake and they should come out looking like this:

While they are cooling, whip up your glaze.

Then drizzle your little heart out!

You can find the recipe here -- Day 20: Cherry Bon-Bon Cookies.

Anyways, after my Business Man's open house, we went to a prayer night at some new friends from church's house. It was such a great time to fellowship and spend time with other believers our age. In fact, we didn't even leave until 11:30pm! That's a late night for us, especially on a Monday. At least I didn't have to wake up for school today! Woo hoo. 

That's all for now, folks... stay tuned for cookie #21 later today!


Alissa said...

This is a great post! I am so happy that you included pics from your hubby's office! They elves are so cute!

Sara said...

Thanks!! Yea... he wanted to show off his place a bit. ;-)

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