Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16: Butterscotch Haystacks

See? I told you I would make them eventually! 

Today has been a wonderful day. I had a great day at school (kids weren't too crazy, despite tomorrow being our last day before break.) I even got a Christmas card from one of my students, along with a little bag of puppy chow. Receiving a hand-written note from a student has to be one of the most rewarding gifts a teacher can receive.

Tomorrow, we're having a more relaxed day at school. I made each of my classes some Brownie-Covered Oreos, and we will be making polyhedron Christmas ornaments. (Well, since we are in a public school, it has to be a "holiday" ornament. Bah humbug...)

Since I was busy making other things in the kitchen tonight, I kept today's cookie simple and easy: Butterscotch Haystacks!

There are many variations on this recipe. Some have marshmallows, some have peanuts, some have peanut butter. They all have butterscotch chips and chow mein noodles.

I usually go the easy way: Butterscotch chips and chow mein noodles. And that's it.

However, this year, I was feelin' a little spunky, so I threw some salted cashews into the mix. It wasn't a bad thing! They added a little extra crunch, and a little sweet flavor to go with the butterscotch.

[Side note: I was researching a bit on cashews just a minute ago, and in Brazil cashew fruit juice is very popular. Who woulda thunk?]

Anyways, these are the perfect cookie to round out your cookie tray for Christmas. Not quite the center stage, but still the cookie that can be relied upon when all the "showstoppers" are taken. Hope you enjoy!
Almost looks like one big haystack! Really, I just wanted to show you all our neat-o candle with berries around it in the background. Hehe...

Butterscotch Haystacks

1 12-oz. bag butterscotch chips
2 1/2 cups crispy chow mein noodles
3/4 cup salted, chopped cashews


Melt butterscotch chips on MED power in microwave, stirring every minute until smooth. Stir in chow mein noodles and cashews. Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper-lined baking sheets. Let cool until set. Then, eat!


Heather said...

Super excited for this easy cookie. I am going to make it for my daughter's cowboy theme birthday party!

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