Friday, November 19, 2010

What's Cookin'?

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty awesome day. 

First things first, it started with a fog-delay. Woo hoo for starting the school day at 10:18am and still finishing at the usual 3:04pm!

It was so nice to have a leisurely morning at home. I got my run in early, and got to watch Saved by the Bell instead of the usual Family Matters. When I came home from the gym, I didn't have to rush-rush-rush to get out the door. I actually ate my oatmeal at home, instead of in my classroom. And, I got to sip my coffee while watching the Today Show! What a wonderful morning.

The fun didn't stop with the fog-delay.

Later that night, the Lima Civic Center had a very special show.

Taste of Home Cooking School!!! Right up my alley. 

My Business Man was so nice to get tickets, and even to accompany me to the show. Just one of the many reasons I married that man...

Not only did he take me to the show, but even out to eat before-hand. We hit up one of our favs, Panera Bread. Nothing better than some hot soup and warm crusty bread when it's chilly outside. (Fortunately, they had bread this time. Last time we went, they were all out of every single type of bread. We were served bagels with our soup. Which was not necessarily a bad thing.)

The cooking show was super-fun. The theme was 'Fall Favorites,' and included a demonstration of 8 different fall-ish recipes. 

One was a Baked Apple French Toast, which will definitely be making an appearance on the blog at some point this winter. Another was a Pear-Stuffed Pork Loin, which I am hoping to make very very soon. Oh, and a Chocolate Cranberry Fudge Cake. I am starting to salivate as we speak.

So, at a TOH Cooking Show, not only do you get to watch a demonstration of yummy-licious recipes, but your name gets entered into a bazillion raffles. Like more than 100 prizes. Including the dishes that were prepared, displayed on beautiful serving platters. Unfortunately, neither of us were big winners last night. 

BUT!! The fun's not over yet. You get to go through the expo, and get a bunch of freebies! We showed up kinda at the last minute, and some of the booths were just giving away loads and loads of stuff. Check out the loot!

Yes, there are 5 boxes of mac & cheese. Not sure why they hand out the boxed stuff to people who love to cook. That might be going to the food pantry, along with the Ramen.

AND!! You get a couple sweet cooking magazines filled with recipes and color pictures. And, coupons. And, other advertisements. 
So happy to have some new recipes! Love love love Christmas time!

All in all, it was a great midweek date night. For me, at least. I'm not quite sure how much fun my Business Man had.  However, I did keep reminding him how many good new recipes I would be preparing soon: Parmesan fondue, Crab-mushroom melts, Pecan pie. The list goes on. Hopefully these goodies will make up for the couple hours of boredom for him. And the feelings of being the only man in a room full of women. (Not the only man, but one of the few.) And listening to corny jokes about cooking & baking. Have I said how much I love this man?

Thanks hon! :-)

Time to go get my cooking game face on!


Kristin said...

Looking forward to your post about the Parmesan fondue! We eat Parmesan on everything!!!

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