Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Football, Fire Safety, and Fall Festivities

This time of year just makes me so happy! I love when the seasons change from summer to fall, and the leaves turn colors, and the air gets crisp. There is nothing better than a beautiful afternoon run during the fall where you get to step on and crunch hundreds of leaves!

This past weekend was a busy one for me and my Business Man. This week was my school's Homecoming Week, so Friday night was spent at the tailgate and game afterward. It was neat how our school provided a tailgate for the community, free of charge! I have never seen that in a public school setting. Of course, donations of the food were made by teachers. I was more than happy to provide some Oreo cupcakes. (We also had these at our wedding this summer!) 

Sadly, I forgot to snap a pic... but just imagine a fluffy white cake filled with chunks of Oreo cookies. With an Oreo cookie on the bottom. And Oreo-infused frosting. Pardon me, while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

On Saturday, I headed out on an 11.5-mile run. (Side note: I am running a half-marathon in Indy on Nov. 6. This was recently decided. So I have been trying to cram in long runs like crazy!) It was a beautiful morning for a run; I ran down the Riverwalk trail here in the Bean Town around the lake down by my school and back.

At one point, there was a little kid who started running after me. I was a little weirded out, but he just wanted to know how far I had run. He then proceeded to ask me about 20 questions, until I was finally able to go on my way. Kids are so funny! "Why are you listening to music? Doesn't that distract you from running?" Duh! That's the point. Haha...

While I was busy running, my Business Man was busy setting up at the Bean Town's 1st Annual Fire Safety Day. There was a big set-up at the mall parking lot, with lots of booths, a fire truck for the kids to ride in, and even the Neigh Bear paid a visit! Oh, and free hot dogs!

My Business Man with the Neigh Bear! (He has actually worn this costume on previous occasions... )
His tent, complete with candy, coloring books, and fire hats for the kids!
I stopped at the Fire Safety Day for a little bit, but didn't partake in the free hot dog action. Just wasn't feeling it too much. I did, however, partake in the free fire hats!

After the big Fire Safety Day, we high-tailed it up to Michigan for one of my best friend's baby's 1st Birthday Party! I had the privilege of providing cakes for the event. I was very excited to bake. (When am I not excited to bake?)

I made a pumpkin-flavored pumpkin-shaped cake. 

Yummy, yummy, with cream cheese icing!
I also made chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes, frosted to look like candy corn.

They were tasty, but lots and lots of frosting! A little too much, in my opinion. But you can't really get the effect of candy corn without lots of frosting. I actually used 2 recipes worth of frosting, and didn't even get to frost the whole batch.

Cupcakes, pre-frosting. Don't I keep a tidy kitchen? Makin' mom proud...
Frosting, all lined up and ready to go.

The cupcakes were well-received. Surprisingly, though, the pumpkin cake was even more of a hit! I guess it's the season after all. I had actually talked with my BFF about which type of cake to make, and we both wanted pumpkin, but decided we better have a chocolate-option too for those people who are leery of pumpkin-y desserts.

It was also so great to catch up with Kristi and her sweet babe. Too bad I left my running shoes at home! We had great plans of a good run Sunday morning, but had to settle for a long walk instead. 

And when we got back from our walk, my Business Man had prepared us a lovely breakfast of pumpkin pancakes! Ok... maybe he just helped us look up the recipe when we got back, but still very helpful! Honestly though, the best pumpkin pancakes ever. Except we doubled the amount of pumpkin we put in. Recipe can be found here

We didn't make the nutmeg whipped cream either. Just served with warm maple syrup. Next time, I would include pecans in some way, shape, or form. Pecans and pumpkin are just made for each other. (And now I begin to wonder... what about a pumpkin-pecan pie?? That might just be too good to be true.)

And I shall close with a picture of myself with the birthday girl. Isn't she precious? So happy and smiley! With a classy just-woke-up-from-a-nap faux-hawk.

Peace out, yo!


kristi said...

AWWW!! We had a great time with you! Cora misses her auntie Sara! She thanks you for excellent cakes at her b-day. Also I love the bowls that the frosting is in :)

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