Monday, August 2, 2010

Cheeseburgers in paradise... (If you can call the Bean Town paradise)

My Business Man and I had a good visit home. We spent a lot of time with my mom, had breakfast with a good friend, had lunch with my extended family, and of course, we met the new addition to my parents' household!

Meet Maggie, short for Sugar Magnolia. (Yes, a Grateful Dead tribute.)

She is just the cutest most adorable little ball of fur! She's about 3 months old right now, so a little squirrelly, too, but that makes it fun! We got to cuddle and go for walks and all the other fun things you do with new puppies. My Business Man even seemed to like her pretty well, and he's not the biggest dog fan. (Maybe there's still hope for a golden retriever pup someday...)
The three of us.
For not a big dog lover, that's a pretty big smile.
While we were home, we went to Target and cashed in on a few gift cards we had from the wedding. Of all the things the Bean Town has, it does not have a Target! What a shame.

We ended up purchasing a bitty baby grill and some patio furniture. Now that we have something to sit on outside, we might actually use the patio!

We've been missing out on grilling season all summer, so we made sure to fire it up tonight.

Isn't it cute?
It requires its own table, so we can reach it without sitting on the ground. Haha...

Mmmm... don't they look good?

While the burgers cooked, we each par-took in our own "waiting for the burgers to be done" activity.

Taking care of some weeds.

Practicing my handstand.

Which activity do you think was more productive? Handstand, definitely handstand...

Finally, the burgers were finished and enjoyed by all. And by all, I mean my Business Man and myself. It was still a little hot for us to eat outside, so that will have to wait for another day...

Burger time!


Me said...

awwe that puppy is so cute!!! and so is that little grill! lol

Kristin said...

If you have Target gift cards left over, you could use them online.

Sara said...

True, very true... but we also wanted to return some things too. I think we've got like $20 left on the card... perhaps I might find some clothes I like online from Target with the remaining balance... haha.

Momma said...

I bet the leftover baked beans tasted great with the burgers too!!

Sara said...

They were wonderful!

Adam said...

super jealous of your outdoor space!

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