Monday, July 12, 2010

Trip to IKEA!

So, as newlyweds, my Business Man and I don't really own all that much furniture. Since I've moved in about a week ago, my clothes have been occupying a bunch of laundry baskets, rubbermaid tubs, and cardboard boxes in all various places of the apartment. A little bit frustrating.

Fortunately for us, IKEA is a less than 2 hour drive from home! My Business Man has never been, and I've only been a few times. So we decided to take a good chunk of our wedding cash and go buy some furniture for our cute little apartment.

We ended up with 2 dressers, 2 nightstands, and a huge wall shelving unit for the living room. And, a canister set for the kitchen. Oh, and a cheese grater. And lamps. And some closet organizers. I think that's it. Ha!

The thing about IKEA furniture is that it all comes in a billion little pieces in flat boxes. No joke, we had two flatbed carts and one regular cart in the store. Each of the dressers had two boxes of parts!

We got home from IKEA around 4:30 or so, and got to work assembling. We decided to work on the bedroom pieces first.

Here I am working on one of the nightstands. That only took 45 minutes.

My business man putting together the other nightstand.

Working on the huuuuuge dresser.

We finally finished all the bedroom stuff. 6 hours later. With very sore hands and backs and legs from crouching down. Headed to bed, only to wake up and start all over.

Actually, the next day we slept in quite a bit and had a relaxing morning. Ray's Market (grocery store that wouldn't take my check the other day) makes the best blueberry donuts. Now, you might be thinking, "Blueberry donuts... interesting." But they are soooo good! Think blueberry muffin, but way better. My Business Man ran out and got us a few to enjoy before church.

Me, posing with the illustrious blueberry donut. So good! I want another one right now.

After church, we got to work on the living room furniture.

From blank wall...

To full wall!

We looove how it turned out! Yes, it was a butt-load of tedious work, but it really looks great in the room and gives us a lot of storage space that we didn't have before.

Huge dresser.

My dresser!! Love, love, love the vanity mirror. And I put it together all by myself!

Our bed, with new nightstands and purple lamps. Lovin' the whole black and white look.

All in all, a very productive weekend here in Bean Town. Until next time!


Kristin said...

How did you get all of that stuff home?! We can never fit all of our IKEA purchases in our car.

Adam said...

You guys have the same dressers we do! Viva Ikea!

Sara said...

Kristin-- We had to borrow one of Ben's employees' SUV's for the day! It still almost didn't all fit. We had three carts while we there... guess who got to push two?

Adam-- Haha... that's funny. If you ever visit, you'll feel like you're still at home.

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