Thursday, July 15, 2010

Columbus, Ho!

So, this past Tuesday, my Business Man had a meeting all day in Columbus. I thought to myself, "What am I going to do all by myself all day in the Bean Town?" That is, until my Business Man invited me to go along with him to the meeting! No, not the actual meeting, but I could drop him off at the meeting and then go do fun things in Columbus.

So, I looked up some fun things to do. I found a nice nature preserve/park site thing with lots of trails to go run on. Something like 5.5 miles of trails. It was only a few miles from where my Business Man's meeting was, so that was nice.

I arrived, and got ready to run. Unfortunately, I forgot my running watch at home, so that meant I had to carry my cell phone to keep time. This would prove to be handy later. I also tied the car key to my shoe, so I could get back in the car after my run. So I took off on my run. This place was hilly! I have not run hills in awhile, and my legs were sore! I ran for 54 minutes, calling it 6 miles. I was so grateful to get back to the car and get cleaned up... it was very humid, especially at 11am.

So, I get the handy-dandy key tied to my shoe and try to open the car.

Uh oh.

The key won't open the door. But it's the key that starts the car!

I try the passenger door. I try the trunk. I try the driver's door again. The key still won't open the car.

Starting to panic, I text my Business Man while he's in his meeting. Apparently, not all cars are designed such that the key that starts the car is the same key that opens the car. In my past experience of driving cars (all 6 years of it), that has always been the case. So, now I am locked out of the car.

At a random nature hiking place... where I don't know anyone.

I considered dialing 4-1-1, and trying to find a locksmith. But, I didn't have $80 cash, and I didn't even have my checkbook. So, I went and talked to the nice nature center lady who was watering flowers. I explained the situation, and she took pity on me and called the ranger from the next park over. She convinced him to drive over to this park, and jimmy my door open.

After waiting what seemed like hours (really only about 20 minutes), Mr. Nice Ranger Man arrived and started working on the car door. I have never seen anyone get into a car like he did; it was actually very interesting to watch! He stuck something between the car door and then pumped this air pump thing to get about a 1/2-inch crack. Then, he put this long stick-thingy inside to try to reach the lock to unlock it. After about 20 minutes of maneuvering and tinkering around, he got it unlocked! And I was so thankful to Mr. Nice Ranger Man for getting me back into the car and not even charging me any money.

So, finally I was able to clean myself up and move onto my next destination: Easton Town Center. Shops, restaurants, and even Trader Joe's! Very exciting.

So, I spent the afternoon shopping. I tried on a lot of clothes, but only bought a pair of dress capris at The Limited. It started to rain, which isn't so fun at an outdoor mall. My last stop was Trader Joe's, where I got a lot of fun stuff. Brie cheese, apple-chicken sausage, chocolate-covered pretzel slims, 9-grain cereal, dried mango, trail mix... all very delicious.

Next, I went back and picked up my Business Man from his meeting. Not time to go home yet! We drove to his brother's place to pick up the rest of our wedding presents. You see, after our wedding we went straight on our honeymoon, and we couldn't fit all the presents in our car. My Business Man's brother brought the rest of them out to Ohio for us (he's working out here this summer), and we just had to go to his place and pick them up. So that was fun.

We capped off the whole night with dinner at Hickory River Smokehouse while driving home. Mmmm... ribs & cornbread. :-)

Peace out!


Me said...

this was a good idea having this blog! i especially liked this story. i'm glad you're having so much newlywed fun! :)

Sara said...

Awww... thanks! It was a pretty pitiful day, but looking back on it it's pretty funny.

yourfriend said...

Hey, you know, the link to the Hickory River Smokehouse is broken, so maybe you want to fix it? Just fyi

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